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Komatsu has released a new grader, the GD655-6, featuring a low-emissions Tier 4 Final engine, along with features that improve fuel efficiency, safety, durability and reliability – while retaining its class-leading high-visibility cab and unique lock-up torque converter transmission system.

The GD655-6 is powered by a Komatsu SAA6D107E-3 Tier 4 Final-compliant variable horsepower engine, rated at 134-165kW (depending on gear and operating mode) and with an operating weight of 18.9 tonnes with rear ripper.

Compared with its Tier 3 predecessor, the Tier 4 Final-compliant engine reduces both particulate matter (PM) and nitrous oxide (NOx) levels by 90 per cent, while reducing fuel consumption by up to 15 per cent.

All Komatsu Tier 4 engines incorporate an advanced electronic control system that performs high-speed processing of all signals from sensors installed in the vehicle, providing total control of equipment in all conditions of use.

Engine condition information is displayed via an on-board network to the monitor inside the cab, providing all necessary operating data to the operator.

Additionally, this data can be accessed and managed via the KOMTRAX telematics remote monitoring system (supplied as standard on all Komatsu construction and utility machines), ensuring owners and fleet managers stay well on top of all maintenance requirements.

This also allows Komatsu to advise machine owners of upcoming service requirements, as well as providing machine health, performance and location information, as well as Fix It First Time real time diagnostics.

According to Phil Atley, Komatsu’s National Business Manager, Government& Construction Graders, this upgraded machine retains all the benefits of its predecessor, while further lowering ownership and operating costs.

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Since we released the GD655-5 and GD555-5 in 2010, Komatsu graders have become recognised for their outstanding visibility to the blade, front wheels and rear ripper,” he said.

“Operators also appreciate our unique Komatsu transmission system, which provides the option of full powershift or our lockup Torque Converter Auto mode, which delivers power for tough grading, or low-speed fine control.” Komatsu’s lock-up torque converter transmission with electronic control has been designed and manufactured specifically for Komatsu graders, providing on-the-go, full power shifting as well as inching capability and automatic shifting in higher ranges.

It provides the option of automatic torque converter mode for maximum productivity in any application with its automatic gear shifting, while manual mode gives direct drive in all gears, working the same way as conventional power shift graders, with constant machine speed, more economical operation.

An engine stall prevention function operates in manual mode, automatically changes to auto mode with torque converter to avoid stalling, and having to restart the grader.

In addition to the ultra-low emission levels from the new Tier 4 engine, an electronic control engine management system combined with a new variable displacement hydraulic pump system and improved transmission and axle components have resulted in significantly improved fuel consumption.

“Compared with its predecessor, the GD655-6 uses 5 per cent less fuel in P (power) mode, and 15 per cent less fuel in E (economy) mode,” said Atley.

“Fuel consumption is further reduced through increased cooling capacity, a new auto idle stop function, an improved operator interface on the machine monitoring system, and a new ECO assistance feature that encourages fuel-saving operating practices.”

Machine durability has also been enhanced through a reinforced blade circle, plus a change to a resin in the circle wear plate material, which prevents scratches and results in longer service life.

Safety and operator comfort have also been improved, with sound levels at the operator’s ear reduced through a new style hydraulically driven fan and redesigned cooling system layout, plus the introduction of a new designed rear-mounted ripper to allow a rearview camera system.

Improved maintenance features further help reduce unscheduled downtime. These include easier access to service areas, a battery disconnect switch, and enhanced maintenance information, including warnings when critical maintenance intervals are approaching.

As with the previous generation of Komatsu graders, the new GD655-6 has been factory-fitted so it is ‘machine control ready’ to be equipped with leading machine guidance systems.

“Komatsu graders are becoming increasingly popular among operators and fleet owners for their ease of operation, their power and precision, their excellent visibility, outstanding reliability and their lower operating costs,” said Atley. “The improvements and upgrades to the GD655-6 will further enhance its reputation as one of the leading construction and maintenance graders on the market.”

Brief specs of the GD655-6 are: Operating weight, with ripper, 18.9 tonnes; engine Komatsu SAA6D107E-3 Tier 4 Final compliant variable horsepower engine, rated at 134-165kW (depending on gear and operating mode); blade length, 3.66m (4.27m option); transmission, full powershift with lockup torque converter with anti-stall function; speeds, 8F/4R, maximum speed, 44.3km/h; overall length, 10.875m; industry leading minimum turn radius, 7.4m.

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