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New Komatsu Next Generation Haul Trucks

Komatsu has introduced next generation engines on its 40 tonne capacity HD405-8 and 63 tonne capacity HD605-8 rigid frame dump trucks, reducing fuel consumption by up to 7% compared with previous models.

Designed for quarry, construction and smaller-scale mining operations, both trucks feature the Komatsu Traction Control System (KTCS) to provide optimum traction in all ground conditions – as well as including Komatsu’s exclusive Automatic Retard Speed Control (ARSC) system giving unrivalled control over downhill travel speeds, even when fully loaded on steep haul roads.

The HD405-8 is powered by the Komatsu SAA6D140E-7 engine rated at 383kW, while the HD605-8 is powered by the SAA6D170E-7 rated at 540kW.

The engines on both trucks comply with Tier 4 Final requirements, reduce both NOx and PM emissions by 90% compared with their Tier 3 engine equivalents.

Both engines incorporate an advanced Komatsu electronic control system that performs high-speed processing of all signals from sensors installed in the vehicle, providing total control of equipment in all conditions of use.

Engine condition information is displayed via an on-board network to the monitor inside the cab, providing all necessary operating data to the operator.

Additionally, this data can be accessed and managed via the KOMTRAX telematics remote monitoring system, ensuring owners and fleet managers stay well on top of all maintenance requirements.

As with other Komatsu equipment powered by the company’s new generation engines, far more detailed data about engine conditions and operation is monitored and transmitted via KOMTRAX, giving unmatched visibility into the health of equipment – and any potential issues.

According to Richard Feehely, Komatsu Australia’s National Business Manager, Quarries, both new trucks have been designed to deliver the safest, most productive and cost-efficient operation across a wide range of operating conditions.

“Operators have unmatched control and safety in even the most difficult operating conditions, through our integrated transmission and braking system – which is recognised as being the best in the industry,” he said.This includes Komatsu’s K-Atomics automated transmission system with ‘skipshift’ function for smoother operation, fully hydraulic wet multiple-disc brakes and retarder (689 kW retardation on the HD405-8, 802kW on the HD605-8), Komatsu Traction Control System (KTSC) and Automatic Retard Speed Control (ARSC).

“Our ARSC lets operators simply dial-in the downhill speed required for safe travel, allowing them to concentrate on steering the truck.”

Design criteria for both trucks include long wheelbase and wide tread, for a lower centre of gravity, allowing higher haul speeds and superior driving comfort. McPherson-strut type front suspension allows for an increased turning angle of the front wheels, resulting in a smaller turning radius, for increased manoeuvrability, particularly on smaller sites.

In addition to the increased fuel efficiency of the new Komatsu Tier 4 engines, fuel consumption is further reduced by a range of energy-saving features, including an “ecology guidance” function for the operator, auto-idle shutdown system, power and economy operating modes, and enhanced integrated of the hydraulics and transmission systems to reduce parasitic power losses.

Both trucks also incorporate payload meters (PLMs), which display payload data in the cab as well as reporting to KOMTRAX, to ensure optimum loads for maximum productivity and to assist in analysing production rates and working conditions.

“Our 40 and 60 tonne class trucks have built a reputation over many years for being the safest, most cost-efficient and productive trucks available; these two new generation Tier 4 trucks will further build on this, with their ultra-low emissions, even lower fuel consumption, and detailed data capture through on-board monitoring and KOMTRAX,” said Feehely.

“Quarries, contractors, plant hirers and smaller mining operations will be able to further lower their owning and operating costs, while achieving an unrivalled levelof control and visibility of their production and operating variables.”

Brief specs of the two trucks are: HD405-8: Payload capacity, 40 tonnes;body capacity, 27.3 cu m; engine, Komatsu SAA6D140E-7, rated at 383kW net at 2000 rpm; transmission, automatic planetary with lockup torque converter, 7F/1R speeds; maximum speed, 66km/h; tyres, 21.00 R33; loading height, 3575mm; width, 4860mm; overall length, 9245mm; turning radius, 7900mm.

HD605-8: Payload capacity, 63 tonnes; body capacity, 40 cu m; engine, Komatsu SAA6D170E-7, rated at 540kW net at 2000 rpm; transmission, automatic planetary with lockup torque converter, 7F/1R speeds;  maximum speed, 70km/h; tyres, 24.00 R35; loading height, 3860mm; width, 5545mm; overall length, 10,351mm; turning radius, 8700mm.

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