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New Komatsu grader lands in Australia

Komatsu GD955-7R Grader

The brand-new Komatsu GD955-7 grader has made its Australian debut in Mackay, Queensland, on its way to a roadshow across the country for local mining customers to get their first look.

The GD955-7 is built specifically for mining operations, with a big focus on productivity thanks to its blade up design allowing for more efficient ground penetration.

Michael Hall, Komatsu’s National Mining Product Manager, said the high-spec grader has been hotly anticipated by customers for some time.

“The GD955-7 is a ground-up designed mining grader,” he said. “It can grade 33 per cent more area per hour than the previous model, with a standard 5.5m blade, or an optional 6.1m blade width for even more productivity. It also has the highest blade downforce in class and the highest engine power in class. It’s a durable machine designed for high-power grading.

Komatsu GD955-7R Grader
The GD955-7 features a standard 5.5m blade, or an optional 6.1m blade. Image: Komatsu Australia.

“With large haul trucks on mining sites, graders need to be larger and be more productive to support them. The GD955 is well matched to larger haul trucks anywhere from 90 to over 240 tonnes, making it a great addition to mining fleets.”

The GD955 comes standard with Komatsu’s 360° camera system, KomVision, which houses a five-camera system to provide a view around the vehicle using the KomVision monitor, with an additional rear view monitor for reversing and ripping operation.

“KomVision increases visibility for operators so they can get a full view of activity around the grader,” Michael said. “The monitor informs them if another machine is approaching or in their line of movement, a great safety feature for busy mine sites.

“The GD955-7 is also 50 per cent heavier than the previous model, meaning it can more easily grade hard-packed road surfaces and take on more demanding jobs.”

Several customers had the opportunity to visit Komatsu’s Ibaraki Plant in Japan earlier this year to see where the grader was manufactured and get a sneak peek before it landed in Australia.

“We had really good feedback from the customers who joined us, and plan to start delivering this new model to customers come December,” Michael said.

For more information on the GD955-7 grader, click here or contact your local Komatsu branch to find out about grader demonstration dates.


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