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New Holland releases new mini excavators


New Holland Construction has released a series of six new mini excavators into the Australian market.

The D Series — the E17D, E19D, E25D, E35D, E50D and E58D models — are now available in Australia, catering to a broad spectrum of applications, from light construction duties to landscaping and agriculture.

The D-Series mini excavators cover weights from 1.7 to six tonnes and are designed for landscaping and facilities maintenance, agriculture, plant nurseries, vineyards, estate management and contracting.

Models are available with either a canopy or a cab and have a zero tail swing design.

Key features of the New Holland excavators include quick maintenance, with easy access to service points facilitated by the tiltable cab and canopy.

A variable undercarriage allows the smaller models to pass through narrow spaces such as doorways for indoor and backyard work.

The undercarriage can easily be retracted and the blade extension folded reducing the overall machine width from 1050mm to 790mm. This enables narrow passages.

The foldable roll-bar is easy to use, while also enabling compact machine storage without wasting building space.

The operator station has been designed to be as comfortable and functional as possible. Platform access is facilitated by a foldable left armrest, providing easy access to the operator seat without compromising comfort or safety.


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