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For nearly half a century New Holland’s passion has been to be compact equipment specialists.

The New Holland range of Compact Track Loaders (CTLs) are designed from the ground up with the patented SuperBoom providing faster cycle times and increased productivity. The SuperBoom was first introduced 45 years ago as a key feature of New Holland Skid Steer Loaders (SSL).

New Holland’s CTLs offer a choice of sizes ranging from 3750kg for the C227 to 4581kg for the C238. Power ratings from 74-90hp give you the capability to meet individual project needs. Effective application of ‘power to the ground’ comes from the dozer-style undercarriage engineered to hold fast on steep slopes and give operators stable-footed command over muddy or sandy terrain. The rigid track frame uses fewer moving parts, making the CTLs more durable and easier to maintain than suspension track systems.

Reduced maintenance of the New Holland CTLs starts with larger inner-diameter flanges between the track tabs, elevated drive sprockets and sealed oil lubricated rollers/idlers, which reduces de-tracking, makes track clean out of material easier and keeps the motor assembly out of material and moisture. These simple design features reduce lost operation time, running costs and increase the overall life of a machine.

For the operator, one of the most critical aspects of any machine is worksite visibility.



The New Holland CTLs feature an extra wide cab with a low front threshold, enabling excellent visibility to the cutting edge of the bucket. Larger side windows, thinner side screen grids and front pillars also contribute to outstanding visibility. Most importantly, the cab roof features a see-through area to enable a clear view of the bucket – even at full height.

Additional features and options that make the New Holland CTLs comfortable for the operator include: keyless start, glide ride option, heated or air-ride seat and self-levelling bucket.

New Holland’s range of construction equipment is designed to meet customers’ requirements for productivity, safety, environmental performance, fuel and cost efficiency. From compact track loaders to skid steer loaders, compact excavators to backhoe loaders, through to compact wheel loaders, New Holland’s machines are purpose-designed around the machine operator.


New Holland now have an outstanding offer enabling potential buyers to finance a new machine at just 0.75 per cent interest over 60 months.

There is a lot to consider when purchasing your next piece of equipment. It is vital to do your homework on your finance package. Firstly, look further than just the interest rate and payments required. Shop the entire loan, including:

• Termination fees

• Loan fees

• Account keeping fees, and

• Reputation of the company


New Holland

Use the time with the sales person wisely and explain your situation, consider your answers to the questions below:

• Is my cashflow affected by seasonality?

• How soon would I be looking to upgrade the machine?

• Would I be in a situation later on that I could payout the machine earlier?

• Is a mortgage loan the best option for me? Would a lease situation be better?

New Holland

New Holland is offering direct finance through CNH Industrial Capital – a division of the parent company.

New Holland has been offering equipment finance to the Australian market since 1979, and have flexible financial solutions to choose from.

CNH Industrial Capital offers:

• No early termination fees

• Tailored equipment finance packages

• Over 35 years of experience working with Australian businesses

The costs associated with a mortgage are the repayments made for your financed unit. However, CNH offer more concise solutions for leasing. A maintained operating lease allows you to rent the equipment off CNH Industrial Capital and return the equipment at the end of the term.

This gives the option to upgrade with the latest models and technology required to perform your tasks. On a maintained lease, the regular servicing is included in the rental repayment, which means a locked in maintenance cost for the life of the lease. This is a great way to acquire a well maintained machine.

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