New Hidromek H4 Series Challenges Traditional Brands

Pearn Earthmoving is a family business founded in 1955 with extensive experience in the earthmoving game. Today the company is owned by Phil and Marie Pearn and employ 22 people.

Phil began working for his father in 1973 when he started out in the earthmoving industry driving wheel loaders and dozers on the family farm.

The company now provides a variety of services including earthmoving, large dams, land clearing for rural properties, quarry and forestry site preparations. The company owns 40 pieces of equipment from major brands including excavators, dozers, articulated dump trucks, wheel loaders and screening equipment.

After purchasing a 32 ton Hidromek HMK300LC excavator in 2020, Pearn Earthmoving became one of the first companies in Australia to purchase the new Hidromek HMK230LC. The 23 ton HMK230LC is part of the new H4 Series excavators released in Australia in late 2020.

“We trialled the excavators before buying them to make sure they were fit for purpose for what we were after. I prefer to test drive a machine before buying, rather than relying on reading brochures and manuals,” explained Phil.

“During our trials we found that the Hidromeks have strong build quality, very good visibility and great final trim capabilities. They definitely match major brands in the market, both in terms of build quality and performance”.

Phil continued, “Another thing that really stood out is how strong they are. They can track up steep hills without needing to utilise a bucket to help drag the machine up, as opposed to some of our excavators from other brands. We were quite impressed with that.”

The new HMK230LC also came with all the components the Pearns were after, so they did not require to add any optional extras which was a bonus.

“I’ve got my grand-son learning the ropes and he is currently on a dam building project operating the HMK230LC. He is quite happy with the new Hidromek and its technology and comfort in cab after having operated other brands for the last couple of years,” said Phil.

“Onetrak have a very personalised approach and we have had great dealings with the people there. I have spoken to the Managing Director, David Hazell several times and it just shows that they care about their customers. They have also been flexible with demonstrations and trade-ins to accommodate us. The whole process has just been smooth and easy”.

When Pearn Earthmoving needed a screen last year, they purchased an Anaconda DF410 Scalper from Onetrak as they had become the national dealer for the Anaconda brand.

They visited another customer site to see a DF410 working before the Pearns made a decision that this was the right machine for their operations.

The Anaconda is approximately 15 tonnes operating weight – it is compact and easy to pick up and transport to another site. It is fuel efficient and very productive for its compact size. It splits the products three ways at once which very useful.

Phil added, “Currently, the Anaconda is screening waste material from an old demolition site. We have a 22ton excavator feeding it and the excavator is struggling to keep up with the screen which speaks for the productivity. Screening out the soil from the rubble saves our clients’ money and recycles value from what would otherwise be a waste product.”

“In terms of aftersales we haven’t needed much support as the machines have been running well however on the occasion when we do need service, Onetrak have always been great. For us it’s important to work with companies that are flexible and value good relationships with their customer,” concluded Phil.

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