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New designs released for $400M Glenelg level crossing removal

Artist's impression of the Marion Road – Anzac Highway to Cross Road project, as viewed from Cross road, Plympton, looking west

Two tram level crossings will be removed, and an existing overpass upgraded, in new designs released for the Marion Road – Anzac Highway to Cross Road project in Adelaide’s southwest.

The removal of the Glenelg tram level crossings is part of ongoing efforts to reduce congestion. The project is aiming to make travel in the area safer, faster, and easier for pedestrians, motorists, cyclists, and those using public transport.

The Federal and South Australian governments have each contributed $200 million towards removing the Glenelg tram line level crossings at Marion Road and Cross Road, Plympton, by constructing a tram overpass across both roads.

“We know the removal of level crossings works,” said South Australian Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Tom Koutsantonis. “They reduce congestion and improve safety for everyone who drives, walks, cycles or catches public transport through that area.

“The Marion Road and Cross Road crossings are unique in that there are two crossings, and an intersection, all in close proximity. Removing those two crossings will let traffic flow easier and faster.

“An overpass will cut travel times and make public transport services a more attractive option for commuters.

“Trams will be able to go up and over the roads, and buses won’t need to stop at the boom gates.”

Currently, boom gates impact traffic flow for up to 20 minutes each hour, with around 30 trams travelling through the crossings during morning and afternoon peaks – affecting approximately 50,000 vehicles each day.

This causes significant traffic delays, resulting in traffic diverting through local streets and consequently increasing the risk of accidents and slowing the movement of public transport in this area.

As part of the work, a new tram stop will be built between Marion and Cross roads, which will include lifts and stairs on both sides.

The Mike Turtur Bikeway and shared use path will also be elevated, while the area underneath will be revitalised with new open space for public use.

It is anticipated that a section of the tram line will be closed for between six to nine months to allow for construction, with substitute buses running in its place.

Closing the line will mean the projects can be undertaken without operating trams and will allow these overpasses as well as the rebuild of the South Road overpass to be constructed at the same time, within the existing corridor.

This is expected to significantly reduce the overall construction time and impacts that would otherwise be required if these projects were constructed separately.

As part of the project, the capacity of turning lanes will also be increased at the intersections of Marion Road and Anzac Highway, and Marion Road and Cross Road.

These upgrades will further ease congestion and improve travel times and safety. Concept plans are currently being developed for the intersection upgrades and will be released shortly.

Federal Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government Catherine Kind said: “The Australian Government investment in this project will ensure commuters can benefit from safer, faster, and easier trips along these crucial traffic links for years to come.

“This project demonstrates our government’s commitment to supporting more efficient, resilient, and integrated traffic and transport solutions for South Australians.”

To view the concept designs and provide feedback, please visit the Tram Grade Separation Project website.

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