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New Cat® 340 Excavator offers best-in-class production

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Excavator Product Specialist, Teo Yibin, introduces the new Cat® 340 Hydraulic Excavator, along with the key features and benefits.

The new Cat 340 Hydraulic Excavator features a more powerful engine, wider track gauge, and 6.8-tonne counterweight to increase productivity by 10 per cent over the 2020 model year Cat 336. Its increased power and stability, combined with next generation electrohydraulic system efficiency, make it the best choice in the 40-tonne class for moving tonnes per hour.

Powerful and rugged with less maintenance

“Customers will experience a new level of performance with the new Cat 340. Improvements made over the previous model make the new excavator more productive and stable with larger work tool options, giving our customers more flexibility to complete a wider range of projects,” Yibin said.

“The new excavator’s reinforced structures ensures long-term durability during harsh digging, truck loading, and hammer applications. This, coupled with the reliable Cat C9.3B engine that promises 14 million service hours, attests to its long-term reliability. The Cat 340 is designed with features to help the excavator power through the most demanding jobs while saving fuel.”

Three engine modes match excavator power to the demands of the job while saving fuel. Power mode delivers maximum power to meet the most demanding tasks. Smart mode automatically matches engine and hydraulic power to digging conditions, to lower fuel consumption. Reducing engine speed to a constant 1500rpm, Eco mode minimises fuel consumption.


One of the design objectives is to help owners lower their operating cost and reduce downtime.

“Synchronised 1,000-hour oil and fuel filter service intervals reduce downtime,” Yibin said. “The extended intervals also eliminate labour cost for nine oil and fuel filter changes and parts cost for 27 oil and fuel filters over 10,000 machine operating hours, compared to many competitive 30-40-tonne excavators.”

High-ambient temperature capability of 52 ̊C, cold-start capability at -18 ̊C, and the ability to work at up to 4500m above sea level make the 340 suitable for virtually any environment. Auto hydraulic warm-up in cold temperatures gets the machine to work faster and prolongs the life of machine components. The air intake filter with pre-cleaner features high dust capacity, and a high-efficiency hydraulic fan offers optional automatic reverse to keep cores free from debris.

Yibin also highlighted that with Product Link™, data is automatically collected. Information such as location, hours, fuel usage, idle time, maintenance alerts, diagnostic codes, and machine health can be easily tracked and viewed online via web or mobile applications. This can allow dealers to remotely connect with the machine to diagnose fault codes and update operation software, all while helping to maximise the machine uptime.

Simple, comfortable operation

“In addition, the Next Generation cab brings operator comfort and ergonomics to a whole new level,” Yibin mentioned. “Deluxe cabs come with a heated air-suspension seat with multiple adjustments for seat, console, recliner and armrest. A tilt up left-hand console allows for easier access in and out of the machine.”

Performance-enhancing features like the front-facing control panel, keyless pushbutton start and optional Bluetooth key fob, and large touchscreen monitor with jog dial keys come standard, which simplifies the operation.

At the core of the Cat excavator range, simple, easy-to-use technology helps operators and owners get the most out of their machine.

“Getting more done with standard factory technology is a new benchmark in excavator performance,” Yibin explained.

Optional Cat Stick Steer makes travel and turning much easier. A host of standard technologies – Cat Payload on-board weighing, Grade Assist for maintaining grade, and 2D Grade with depth and slope indication – elevate operator efficiency and machine productivity.

Cat machine

All Cat Grade systems are compatible with radios and base stations from top third-party technology suppliers. Operators can store up to four depth and slope offsets to quickly cut to grade without a grade checker. Auto Hammer Stop warns operators after 15 seconds of continuous firing and then shuts off the hammer after 30 seconds to prevent wear and tear. Auto Dig Boost and Auto Heavy Lift increase bucket penetration and lift capacity by 8 per cent, and Lift Assist helps operators avoid tipping the machine.

“We are revolutionising how owners and operations utilise our machines to maximise performance and productivity all while having the lowest operation costs to improve their profitability,” Yibin said. “The Cat 340 has to be experience to be believed – it sets a standard that is industry leading and paves our way forward.”

More information about the new Cat 340 hydraulic excavator can be found by contacting the local Cat dealer or visiting

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