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New 50-tonne Komatsu excavator hits Australia, NZ

The 50-tonne Komatsu PC490LCi-11 excavator

Komatsu has introduced a new version of its 50-tonne hydraulic excavator, the PC490LCi-11, to Australia and New Zealand.

The excavator comes standard with the manufacturer’s latest machine technology – intelligent Machine Control (iMC) 2.0, which is designed to help operators improve efficiency and accuracy on their projects.

Designed for construction, quarrying, and demolition applications, the PC490LCi-11 features 268kW of horsepower, a bucket capacity of between 1.45 – 2.7 cubic metres, and is Tier 4 emissions certified.

Dean Gaedtke, Komatsu Australia’s Executive General Manager for Construction, says customers can expect a durable and reliable machine in this new addition to the company’s product range.

“The PC490LCi-11 is built for high-production jobs,” he says. “It’s durable, productive, and most importantly – smart. We’ve been looking forward to bringing this updated model to our Australian and New Zealand customers for some time, and we know they’ll definitely see the benefits of adding it to their fleets.

“iMC 2.0 uses Komatsu’s unique sensor package and 3D design data loaded in the control box to accurately check your machine and bucket position against the target, helping minimise over-excavation. It’s an integrated, intelligent, and innovative feature that makes every pass count for operators.”

iMC helps operators to work smarter and more efficiently, with several performance improvements from the platform.

“Our research shows that iMC has helped save operators up to 63 per cent of time on site, with iMC helping reduce staking, grading, and inspection with its 3D design data and semi-automatic grading,” Dean says. “Accuracy is also improved by up to 33 per cent, with iMC providing the ability to continuously monitor your grade and semi-automatics dig precisely to grade.”

Power is also a key feature of the PC490LCi-11, with the machine equipped with features to boost performance and productivity, while not compromising on operating costs.

“There are two boom mode settings, which provide power mode for maximum digging force or smooth mode for fine grading operations,” Dean says. “Plus, large-displacement high-efficiency pumps provide high-flow output at lower engine speeds, improving machine efficiency.

“Komatsu’s Auto Idle Shutdown option helps reduce non-productive engine idle time and reduces operating costs, and new engine and hydraulic control technology in this model improves operational efficiency and lowers fuel consumption by up to 11 per cent.

“The machine is backed by service and support of the entire Komatsu Australia and New Zealand network. There is peace of mind in knowing that Komatsu is the one distributor for both countries, and no matter where you are you’re dealing with trusted Komatsu experts.”

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