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Narva Optimax – Led performance and durability – at halogen prices

Narva’s new Optimax LED Rotating Beacon range offers users durability and the many benefits of LED technology, but at a price point that is similar to lower performing halogen products.

The beacons were engineered with tough Australian conditions in mind and have been extensively tested by Narva and independent accredited labs. LED technology is inherently more reliable than halogen, with LEDs achieving a life of over 50,000 hours compared to only around 650 hours for a standard H1 globe.

In demanding applications, extreme vibrations can also damage lighting, but in the case of the Optimax range, the beacons have been vibration (IEC 60068-2-64) and mechanical shock (ISO 16750-3) tested. Further aiding the lights’ durability is a diecast aluminium base and a virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens that’s UV protected. For added peace of mind, the Optimax line-up has also been tested and certified to IP67 for dust and water ingress, making the lights suitable for use in wet and dusty conditions.

The new Optimax LED range provides an extremely high light output that is two times brighter than SAE standards, ensuring superior visibility and added safety for on and off-highway applications including civil works, roadside assistance, and agricultural work.

The impressive output comes courtesy of six 5-watt high power LEDs and an innovative reflector optic design, which also assists the Beacons to produce a smooth rotating pattern, further aiding visibility while allowing the lights to meet Heavy Vehicle Regulation 2013 No.77. As a comparison, the Optimax range offers visibility that’s comparable to halogen beacons with large 55W or 70W globes, but with a fraction of the current draw.

The new range also debuts Australia’s first dual colour LED rotating beacon. There are some brands that claim to offer dual colour strobes; however, none provide the smooth rotating pattern of a true rotating beacon. The Optimax dual colour beacon can be switched between two colours depending on the application. For example, some sites require green output when working at low speeds but amber in other situations, so Optimax eliminates the need for two beacons while still producing a rotating beacon pattern.

Other benefits of the Optimax LED Beacon range are that they are rated 10-33V and have over-voltage protection to ensure no failures due to voltage spikes. Such spikes are a common occurrence that can easily blow a halogen globe. Additionally, the Optimax range is equipped with a stepper motor which provides stable rotation speed; many halogen beacons use belts to create their rotating pattern, and these can fail resulting in downtime.

With Flange, Single Bolt, Pole, Flexible Pole and Vacuum Magnetic mount options to suit agricultural, civil, and municipal applications, the Optimax range is versatile and as with all Narva warning lights, can be fitted to utility or mine bars, allowing the user to customise the bar with accessories to suit their requirements. Optimax also features a lower profile design than halogen counterparts, making them less likely to suffer damage from knocks on the job site.

The new Narva Optimax LED Rotating Beacon range is backed by a generous three-year warranty on both LEDs and the rotating mechanism, and is available from leading construction, agricultural and transportation outlets nationwide.

Narva is Australian owned and is a leader in the development, manufacture and supply of automotive lighting and electrical components for the automotive, marine and transport industries.

Further information on the extensive Narva program can be found by visiting the Narva website at or on Facebook at

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