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In keeping with the legacy of Montabert products, the V3500 hydraulic breaker offers high-quality specifications. Its reliability and easy maintenance make the V3500 a breaker with unequalled productivity in performance on homogenous rocks.

The V3500 is equipped with a heavy-duty housing, the lower part of which is protected with a steel wear plate and soundproofing as standard. It is specifically engineered to provide high energy per blow and to surpass the performance of other rock breakers in its category. It offers two operating speeds with automatic selection: high energy for work on hard surfaces and high frequency for softer surfaces.

With the V3500 Montabert adds to the “automatic two speeds” range of heavy breakers, V1800 and V2500. The new V3500 can be fitted on every brand and size of excavators ranging from 35 tonnes to 60 tonnes. This means there is now the option between industry-renowned BRV Breakers (V45 / V55) and the two speed V3500 on heavy excavators. Montabert is the only company on the market to give customers the choice of the most productive solution, according to the application and the typology of rocks.

  • The automatic two speeds system is perfect for high productivity/ homogeneous rocks application
  • Its simple and robust design offers high quality and a long life span
  • The V3500 is easy to maintain
  • It provides protection for the excavator and the breaker itself (overflow protection, etc.)


When purchasing equipment, you want to know that your choice will benefit the business by increasing productivity and enhancing performance ability. The V3500 offers this by providing a number of innovative solutions, such as its patented, automatic frequency adaptation system which delivers from the first blow and a diaphragm accumulator that does not need to be periodically refilled. It has an energy recovery system which increases the strike power using the energy generated by the piston rebound, which is especially effective on very hard materials.


Automatic pressure regulators ensure flawless operation, regardless of the variations in flow or temperature. The V3500 is equipped as standard with an automatic greasing system and is easy to fit on all kinds of carrier. The V3500 sets itself apart from other breakers by providing constant optimal performance levels through high-quality materials and easy maintenance.


There are a number of features included in the V3500 to provide long-lasting protection on all aspects of the product; blank firing protection extends the life span of the carrier, breaker, tool and retaining pins. Further, reinforced suspension absorbs vibrations transmitted to the carrier providing boom protection and to articulated swivel joints that protect the hose.

The V3500 administers protection against overpressure (preventing damage to the tool and the breaker) and protection of the breaker against accidental overflow.Montabert dealers are specialists that put their breaker expertise at your service. They provide a choice of Montabert’s renowned breaker range and its adaptation on all brands of carriers, advice to help you to achieve the best performance and assistance with optimisation of breaker operating cost and life span. Montabert assures technical support close at hand to assist with breaker start-up, operator training, and all maintenance and repair operations. Their success is driven by the success of their customers.

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