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With excavators from 35 to 90 tons; articulated haulers from 35 to 60 tons; and wheel loaders for all types of mining, Volvo CE has a complete range of state-of-the-art mining equipment with unparalleled cost per ton performance.

With excavators from 35 to 90 tons; articulated haulers from 35 to 60 tons; and wheel loaders for all types of mining, Volvo CE has a complete range of state-of-the-art mining equipment with unparalleled cost per ton performance.

While reliability and productivity are the principle requirements of all modern mining equipment, Volvo’s machines not only give owners a competitive advantage, but make them popular onsite.

AM Muralidharan, VP Sales Support and Dealer Development, Volvo CE Region APAC, says the company’s approach to manufacturing put it at an advantage.

“Volvo designs are better than others because we manufacture more of the components ourselves,” he says. “For example, we know our drivelines are matched to our engines, because we build them both. We also make our own dropbox, axles and more.”

Another feature that sets Volvo apart is the emphasis on the operator. Volvo considers operators to be crucial in delivering optimum productivity.

In mining, where operations are structured on the highest levels of output, a more conducive environment for the operator can mean an improved bottomline for a company.

“Mine sites often run up to 22 hours a day, so any machine has to be comfortable, as well as reliable,” continues Muralidharan.

“The cabs of Volvo machines include ergonomic controls, all-around visibility and vibration protection, which allow the operator to feel at ease and perform at their best.”




Known for their industry-leading fuel efficiency and productivity, Volvo’s excavators are among the best in the business. Their benefits include the HMI (Human Machine Interface) in the cab, which is ergonomically positioned to deliver optimum control and efficiency. A reinforced undercarriage ensures a longer machine life, especially in punishing applications such as mining. The EC480D, EC750D and the EC950E are the most popular models for mining, while smaller sites can make use of more versatile options such as the EC350D.

The flagship of the Volvo CE range, the EC950E, was unveiled last year and has an operating weight of 89,960—91,840 kg. The top-of-the-line unit is the largest excavator ever built by Volvo and already a proven competitor in its class. Its durable wear-resistant components guarantee maximum uptime and profitability, while its awesome power delivers unprecedented productivity from a Volvo.




For moving materials around the job site, Volvo’s articulated haulers offer unrivalled performance. From the A35G to the A45G, a host of options are available allowing mine operators to choose the right one for them. All offer class-leading capabilities, including the company’s award-winning on-board weighing system, which uses real-time data to help mine operators get even better productivity from their Volvo CE haulers.

Its newest introduction in the category is also the largest ever built, the 60 ton A60H, which is perfect for the mining industry. With its thumping 16-litre Volvo engine driving operations it can haul up to 40 per cent more than its closest alternative, the A45G. Volvo created the very first articulated hauler over 50 years ago and has remained a market leader in the field ever since.


Working in harmony with Volvo’s excavators and haulers are the company’s large wheel loaders, which can often be found providing essential lift and shift duties. The L150, L180, L220, L250 and L350 are all popular choices with their strength, power and reliable performance meeting the requirements of even the harshest mine environment.

And it’s not only in pure mining activities where Volvo machines play a vital role, but in auxiliary applications too, particularly the construction of haul roads. Having the right infrastructure means building fast and efficient access for machinery. Here, Volvo’s pavers and compactors can often be found, literally paving the way to a successful mine.




For mine operators, there are many advantages to purchasing machines from Volvo CE, and one of the biggest is customer support. With the company’s unique CareTrack telematics system, owners get up to the minute data on a whole host of performance-related features for their fleet.

What’s more, Volvo’s skilled team are on hand to provide advice and guidance on the technology, helping owners achieve real savings in both time and money.

In addition, Volvo has one of the largest and most experienced dealer networks in the world, able to provide expert advice and support whenever it’s needed, and there are a range of customer service agreements available.

The most comprehensive is the Gold Customer Support Agreement, and this option is hugely popular with mine operators. It offers preventive maintenance, inspections and repairs carried out at the earliest opportunity by trained Volvo service technicians and gives companies the best possible peace of mind.

As the mining industry moves through the 21st century, operations are in the spotlight like never before. The fine margins in modern mining mean that securing a small advantage in something as routine as excavator choice can translate into a big difference in profitability.

With Volvo CE, mine operators know they can take advantage of equipment with best-in-class productivity, and when support’s needed world-class backup is available.

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