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Mini Excavator Delivers Maxi Benefits

New Holland

If you’re looking for a tough little workhorse that’s big on performance, take a look at New Holland’s E18B Mini Excavator. For a machine so small, the New Holland E18B Mini Excavator is packed with features and benefits that make a huge difference in productivity.

For a start, it really knows how to deliver on site. At its lightest operating weight of 1660kg, the E18B has the longest reach and digging depth of 4000mm and 2400mm respectively for its size and also despite having a long arm it still has an impressive dipper breakout force of 8.7kN.

It’s also incredibly easy to deliver to site because its light weight lets you load the E18B and three buckets on a trailer while remaining under the 2000kg load threshold for fitting electric brakes, which is stipulated by many State jurisdictions.

Once on the job, you’ll soon find that the E18 really knows how to make a hard day’s work a lot easier.

New Holland
Powered by a 3 cylinder, 4-stroke diesel direct injection Mitsubishi L3E engine, the E18B delivers all the power you need – plus the low fuel consumption you want – with travel speeds from a low 2.0km/h to a high 3.5km/h quickly and easily chosen via the fingertip speed selector on the travel lever.

Making operation smooth and simple, the pilot controlled hydraulic system allows the driver to readily combine movement while driving as variable displacement pumps automatically adjust operating speed and power according to varying load conditions, allowing optimisation of control and reducing fuel consumption.

Additionally, the instant the E18B starts to dig, an Integrated-Flow Pump System ensures extra output from the third pump – which otherwise powers the swing and dozer circuits – is directed to the arm circuit for added power, ensuring fast and smooth arm operation even under heavy loads.

Also up at the business end, a concave profile, foldable dozer blade runs the full width of the machine, not only delivering excellent grading and backfilling performance but also creating a highly stable excavating platform for a safe and solid day’s work.

Meanwhile, below decks, the innovatively designed track rollers are wider to provide increased stability and also offer better track retention and longer track life – additionally, track tension adjustment is simple and easy.

Of course, operator comfort is also a big factor with the New Holland E18B Mini Excavator.


New Holland New Holland
Thanks to the combination of advanced engine technology that minimises noise and emissions levels and the most spacious operator’s environment in the industry, beneath the E18’s three pillar canopy is a very pleasant place to be.

Thoughtfully designed to enable long days of productive work with minimal operator fatigue, the easy-to-access operator’s area features a readily visible instrument panel and unrestricted visibility in all directions, with foot- or hand-operated travel controls and precise, low-effort, pilot-operated joystick controls, which further enhance productivity.

And naturally, as with so many aspects of this great little machine, maintenance and serviceability are also made easy in the New Holland E18B thanks to 360 degree ‘all-round’ service access via a large-opening hinged rear engine hood, two wide and easily-removed side covers for radiator, hydraulic and fuel tank access, plus an opening panel beneath the driver’s seat for access to electric fuses.

Additionally, external sight gauges let you quickly check hydraulic and fuel levels, while new filter and battery layouts and better access to the fuel cap all make regular activities more readily done.

Mind you, it’s no wonder this little wonderworker is such a quality machine; born as it was in CNH Industrial’s San Mauro construction equipment plant in Italy, which recently achieved Bronze Level designation in World Class Manufacturing – one of the global manufacturing industry’s highest standards for the integrated management of manufacturing plants and processes.

If you’re looking for a mini excavator that performs big-time, with the strong dealer support and quality service and parts support only New Holland can offer, they just don’t get better than the E18B.

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