Innovative Products

Messersi TC50-E and TC50-D

Efficient and effective tracked mini dumpers.

Equipment manufacturer Messersì draws on a long history of innovation in producing machines with a future-focused outlook, with the Italian company’s TC50-e battery tracked mini dumper and TC50d tracked mini dumper combining high-quality components and advanced technologies to get the job done across a range of applications.

Messersì has steadily added to and refined its product offering over the course of its six-plus decades of operations, underpinned by a tried-and-tested manufacturing approach that sees it prioritise quality of materials and finely honed technologies, supported by precise, uncompromising production and assembly processes.

In line with this approach, durable and reliable equipment, incorporating both a robust construction and a functional design, is a strong focus for Messersì, which produces a range of machines that not only provide high safety standards, but which are also primed to deliver maximum performance in a variety of conditions.

Both the TC50-e and the TC50d respectively bring together a range of features designed to pave the way for safe and efficient operations across a range of locations and soil conditions, including mud, slopes, and sand, providing strong value and versatility for operators in the Australian market.

The battery-powered TC50-e, which is part of Messersì’s Zero Emission line of dumpers, is equipped with battery technologies that are controlled via the machine’s battery management system, with it designed to go the distance in tackling projects throughout the course of the day.

The TC50-e weighs in at 540kg (operational weight with shovel, without operator), with it measuring in at 660mm in width, and sporting 5.5kW of engine power (with two speeds of up to 1.5 and 3 km/h; capable of a maximumgradient at full load of 30 per cent).

It is equipped with a maximum payload capacity of 500kg (skip capacity – heaped [SAE norms]: 0.304m3; struck [sand/liquids]: 0.265/0.18m3).

In addition to this, some of the TC50-e’s key features include the following:
• Tracked undercarriage – featuring a mixed hydraulic/battery chain drive
• Emergency stop button – further enhancing operator safety
• BMS (Battery Management System) – allowing for control of the status of the battery
• Battery charging – the complete charge of the lithium iron phosphate battery provides the capacity to cater for a day of shift work (5-6 hours)
• Hi-tip skip version – is also available Meanwhile, when it comes to the recharging of the TC50-e’s battery, the recharging time with the STD charger is between eight and 10 hours (with it having an average battery life of 2,000 charge-discharge cycles).

The TC50d is a part of Messersì’s broader Utility line (which also includes the TC50-e), comprising a range of tracked mini dumper models weighing in from 450kg through to 850kg, which have been designed to cater for a variety of operator needs.

The TC50d weighs in at 380kg (operational weight with shovel, without operator), with it measuring in at 660mm in width, and powered by a 4.9kW diesel Yanmar engine (with two speeds of up to 1.6 and 5.2km/h; a maximum gradient capability with operational loading of 30 per cent).

It sports a maximum payload capacity of 500kg (MT-MTP skip capacity – heaped [SAE norms]: 0.3m3; struck [sand/liquids]: 0.26/0.18m3).

The TC50d is additionally equipped with the following key features:
• Tracked undercarriage – featuring a hydrostatic transmission fitted with a modular chassis, capable of receiving a wide range of equipment
• Double-effect cylinder – allowing for the frontal lifting of accessories
• Rubber tracks – cast in a monoblock structure, with the core in iron wire and inserts in treated iron
• Endothermic diesel engine – air cooled and electric start, with the hydrostatic transmission controlled via manual levers, with three gear pumps and fixed displacement orbital engines, and steering throughout the rotation of the tracks
• Two levers – connected with the hydraulic distributor to control travelling, with each lever independently controlling the movements of each track, providing the operator complete control in every phase
• Second travel speed– is operated by a lever on the hydraulic distributor
• Loading skip with large angle of discharge – a round-shaped design both gives the machine a new styling and allows for the quick discharge of transported materials

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