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Merlo – Versatility Personified

Compact dimensions and outstanding safety make Merlo telehandlers the ideal solution for those working in Quarries, Mines and Construction.

The cab, which is ISO 3449 FOPS Level II and ISO 3471 ROPS certified, can be fitted with a protective grid and offers 360° panoramic visibility. To improve operator comfort and performance, it can also be equipped with air conditioning or be pressurised.

For those who require smaller vehicles, the Compact range offers easy manoeuvrability combined with unique comfort and high performance. For traditional handling, the Medium capacity range optimises performance and fuel consumption while providing excellent driving comfort. The High Capacity range, on the other hand, is ideal for applications requiring high performance, without sacrificing versatility, manoeuvrability and the well-known Merlo visibility. Lastly, Merlo offers two specific solutions for maintenance and work at height: the Stabilised telehandlers, which are versatile, compact, and high-performance machines that can reach heights of up to 18 metres; and the Rotary telehandlers, for those who want to reach greater heights.

The Merlo Group designs, develops and manufactures its equipment in-house. This important company know-how allows creating solutions that enhance the performance and safety of its machines, while meeting the needs of specific sectors such as quarries and mines. The team of engineers and technicians is also able to study tailor-made solutions if modifications to the existing range or new designs are required for specific needs.

Automatic recognition of the accessory and the ASCS (Adaptive Stability Control System) safety system, two of the technologies specifically designed for Merlo implements, allow working in total safety, making the most of the machines’ performance. ASCS connects the implement to the machine and allows the operator to monitor the activity, in real time, optimising performance and calculating load diagrams.

Some examples of the equipment most used in quarries and mines around the world.

The millimetric precision of the boom movements, which distinguishes Merlo telehandlers, makes them the preferred means for handling pallets and material on forks. The telescopic boom also allows the operator to reach greater distances and heights than a forklift truck, while ensuring maximum visibility to the operator thanks to its lateral positioning. The exclusive boom side-shift, available on most of the Merlo range, enables the operator to position the transported material quickly and accurately, reducing the number of manoeuvres and optimising performance. This activity can be performed by the entire Merlo range.

Merlo telehandlers offer smooth movements and best-in-class visibility across the entire range, which are essential when handling bulk materials. The wide range of buckets, tailor-made within the Merlo Group, allows finding the ideal solution for each model and application. The boom suspension system (BSS), available on most of the range, enables the transport of bulk materials even on rough terrain, increasing productivity and preserving the load being transported.

In quarries and mines, Merlo telehandlers are also used to handle both light and heavy materials. The telehandlers offer excellent weight balance, providing best-in-class stability and optimal working conditions also on uneven and rough terrain. With load capacities from 2,700 to 12,000 kg, they offer excellent performance, making them the most reliable and safe partners in the most demanding and extreme situations.

Merlo telehandlers are often used for the maintenance of quarry machinery such as excavators, dumpers or wheel loaders, whose dimensions make it difficult to transport them to the workshop. Thanks to Merlo’s numerous equipment, it is possible to intervene directly on the job site. Equipped with an aerial platform, technicians can be lifted high to inspect and repair even the most difficult-to-reach parts. If necessary, they can be equipped with clamp, fly jibs or winches to move the material needed for the intervention.

For the tyre change, the Merlo Group has developed a wheel manipulator which allows tyres to be quickly removed and mounted. The operator can quickly and precisely position the tyre directly from the cab or remotely, by raising or lowering, tilting, or shifting the boom.

Available in three versions, it can be fitted to the entire range of Merlo telehandlers.

The versatility of Merlo telehandlers is one of their strengths and combined with the numerous equipment available, they are a real all-rounder.

The aerial work platform, which can be fitted to the entire range, allows personnel to perform ordinary and extraordinary maintenance at height. The safety system also monitors working conditions in real time, ensuring the highest safety standards even when working at great heights. For the maintenance of buildings and structures, Merlo offers a wide range of platforms: pivoting, extensible, front-opening, panel-laying, with articulated telescopic boom. For those who need to handle material, there are also fly jibs, winches, crane booms and hooks available.

The Merlo range is the construction equipment par excellence, ideal for handling, transporting and lifting both loads and people. It can replace forklifts, aerial work platforms and cranes. Equipped with a concrete mixer, it can also be used to place concrete at height.

When equipped with a man basket, it can easily work as an aerial work platform, providing greater stability, load capacity and working platform dimensions of up to 6 metres. Finally, if equipped with a lifting hook or winch, it can replace the crane, while the bucket makes it suitable for handling inert materials.

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