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Melbourne Tractors Builds Momentum With Merlo Range


Melbourne Tractors has built a strong reputation in the local construction and agriculture sectors over the better part of four decades of operations, with the family-owned business firmly focused on supplying its customers a broad variety of world-class machines, complemented by quality parts and attachments.

While a top-notch product line-up is a key attraction for both new and existing customers, General Manager Peter Keley also pointed to Melbourne Tractors’ emphasis on superior customer service, backed by experienced and knowledgeable staff, in helping it stand out in the marketplace.
As noted by Peter – who draws on 37 years of experience in the automotive industry, and who joined Melbourne Tractors 18 months ago – a responsive service, backed by a willingness to “go the extra mile”, ensures customer needs are met from sales through to after-sales.
“At the end of the day, any business is only as good as the people who are in it, and we’re very fortunate to have a great team of people in all areas, whether it’s service, parts, sales or office admin,” Peter told EEM.
“A number of the employees have been long serving. We’ve got a couple of people who have over 30 years of experience with Melbourne Tractors, and then quite a large number at 10 years or more, and that speaks very strongly to both the culture and stability of the business.”


It is this solid foundation that enabled Melbourne Tractors to not only effectively navigate the Covid-related challenges presented over the past couple of years, but also emerge in a stronger position than before.
Peter noted that Melbourne Tractors kept its doors open over this period, modifying its approach where required, as it continued to cater for the varied requirements of its customer base.
“We were able to deliver a customer service that was still appropriate to the needs,” he commented. “It wasn’t without its challenges, we had to be very adaptable in the way we did things, and our staff came along for the ride.
“At the same time, we also increased our sales quite substantially in all of our products.
To do that in those circumstances really was down to fantastic staff, who were willing to be involved and do things out of the norm.”
Peter told EEM that, with Melbourne Tractors having first opened its doors in 1983, there is no substitute for local industry knowledge, while the business also maintains a strong underlying focus on introducing new technologies and innovative products.
In addition to this, he pointed to Melbourne Tractors’ capacity to cater to often urgent and financially pressing customer needs, from the purchase of new machinery to the sourcing of new parts, and machinery service and repairs.
“What makes us different is that we are a family-owned business, and that means we can make decisions very quickly, we don’t have to go through layers of management,” he said. “If there’s a key decision around a customer, we’re able to make those decisions very, very quickly.
“When it comes to putting together a sales proposition, for instance, we can do that very quickly because it’s a streamlined process.
Above all, we understand that speed is of the essence and that customer back-up is of the essence.”



Among Melbourne Tractors’ product portfolio, the Merlo range of telehandlers – designed to provide performance, comfort, safety and efficiency benefits – have proven a popular addition, with Peter noting the machines bring together a strong range of features.
Balancing performance with aesthetics, he highlighted the overall appeal of the Merlo range, with the Italian manufacturer – which draws on a long history of innovative product development stretching back to 1964 – focused on the development of versatile, safe and comfortable machines.
“I think the design and look of the product is second to none,” he said. “Even though these are working machines, it’s a lot easier if you can be proud of the machine that you’re using and it looks the goods, and there’s no doubt that Merlo does that.
“It’s got a great design, stands out, and I think that’s certainly a plus. It makes a statement about your business.”
Along with this, Peter noted that the Merlo range is decked out to thrive in a variety of conditions, with operators able to confidently tackle different tasks knowing that the machines have been designed to keep on powering through.
“The second part to the Merlo equation is the reliability and durability of the machines, and then having that backed up by great service and parts as well,” he commented.
“And certainly, Merlo is excellent to deal with in that situation.
“Where there has been an issue, we’ve been able to deal with it quickly and efficiently, and again that gives a lot of confidence to not only the owners, but also the sales staff too, because they know it’s well backed.”



Peter noted that demand for the Merlo range, which spans a wide variety of telehandler models, remains consistently strong, with new product arrivals highly sought after among Melbourne Tractors’ customer base.
“Our biggest challenge at the end of the day with Merlo is meeting demand for the product,” he said. “It’s a good challenge to have in as much that as soon as the product lands here it’s sold, and in most cases it’s sold well before it lands here.”
Looking ahead, this augurs well for the remainder of the year, and heading into 2023, with Melbourne Tractors now well positioned to keep building on the hard work put in by its staff over the past couple of years.
Peter told EEM it’s been a particularly busy period of late, with good reason for optimism moving forward.
“We’ve already sold and delivered the same number of machines in the first half of this year than we did for the full year last year,” he said.
“We’re seeing a great number of opportunities to continue quoting the machine as we go into the marketplace presenting the credentials of Merlo.”

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