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Maximise skid steer potential with Flipscreen



Imagine having a single skid steer tool in your arsenal that effortlessly adapts to ever-changing needs: that’s exactly what Flipscreen brings to the table.

Here’s why it stands out:

  • Multiple mesh sizes: whether working with fine materials or dealing with substantial aggregates, Flipscreen offers mesh sizes ranging from 6mm to 300mm. This versatility ensures you’re equipped for any job, large or small
  • Quick mesh changes: time is money. With the ability to swap meshes on-site in under five minutes and with just one operator, you’ll experience unparalleled efficiency
  • Repurposing native land: by repurposing native land, you not only save on material purchases, but showcase your commitment to eco-friendly practices
  • Effortless screening: say goodbye to cumbersome processes. Flipscreen allows loading fines directly into a truck while efficiently dumping oversize materials wherever needed. Laying topsoil becomes a breeze
  • Brush kit: wet and sticky materials? No problem. Flipscreen’s brush kit ensures screening remains smooth and clog-free, even in challenging conditions
  • Mixing capabilities: beyond screening, Flipscreen is a versatile mixer. In just five minutes it can be transformed with a mixing plate, complete with internal agitators. These agitators ensure the even mixing of materials, taking projects to a whole new level of efficiency and precision. Whether crafting the perfect concrete blend or preparing a seed mix for a landscaping project, Flipscreen’s mixing prowess ensures consistent results every time. Whether working with concrete, seed blends, or soil mixes, it handles the task with ease. This also saves on extra tool purchases with a multitask advantage
  • On-site material washing: if there’s a water source nearby, Flipscreen enables on-site material washing. This is a game-changer, saving time and resources
  • Screen any material: from topsoil to tough steel slag, Flipscreen takes it all in its stride. It’s a true all-rounder for all screening needs
  • Model for any skid steer: no matter the size of skid steer, there’s a model designed to fit it perfectly
  • Low-maintenance, extra-durable design: opt for Flipscreen’s models designed for durability and minimal maintenance. It’s the best of both worlds
  • Obstruction-free engineering: the innovative design ensures no internal components to become obstructed. This means fewer breakdowns and more productivity
  • Save on haulage and tip fees: Every penny counts in business, and Flipscreen helps keep costs down, especially when it comes to haulage and tip fees
  • Watertight standard bucket: in a pinch, Flipscreen doubles as a watertight, standard bucket. It’s the kind of flexibility needed on the job.


Every penny counts in business, and Flipscreen helps keep costs down. Image: Flipscreen


Unleash your skid steer’s potential

Flipscreen isn’t just an attachment; it’s a game-changer for any skid steer. It’s about maximising the machine’s potential, streamlining operations, and delivering outstanding results. When you choose Flipscreen you’re choosing innovation, efficiency, and sustainability.

Join the revolution

Are you ready to transform your skid-steer operations? Join the growing community of professionals who have made Flipscreen a must-have tool. Experience the power of versatility, efficiency, and innovation that Flipscreen brings to the world of heavy machinery.

Ready to take the next step and revolutionise your skid steer operations?

Contact Flipscreen today to explore how it can make a difference for your business. Visit the website or call National Sales Manager Joshua Hartley on 0435 318 065. 


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