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Manage everyone working to a design with Tokara

Earthmoving equipment. Aerial view of large construction site with several earthmover machines.

Designed for the Australian civil construction industry by Position Partners, Tokara is a remote access platform that enables project managers, contractors, surveyors, and engineers to manage all machine and survey assets working to a design.

Whether you’re a civil contractor managing a fleet across several sites or on a major project with multiple contractors working to a shared design, Tokara provides a centralised, easy way to send and receive files, view connection status, and more.

Tokara is the first solution that connects to most leading brands of machines, machine control, and survey instruments at the same time. As most contractors and projects have a mixed fleet of plant and technology, this means cutting down the number of systems to access and getting a better overall picture of the assets on site.

Tokara users can manage design files, message operators, view connectivity status, and more across multiple projects and machines.

Tokara Office is a web-based platform that gives users a plethora of options in a single interface, including:

  • One to many file transfers to all supported machines and survey rovers, including mixed brands
  • Colour-coded file status icons to flag any operators not working to the latest design
  • File transfer history by machine, device or group for accurate record keeping
  • Site visualisation – overlay KML files and drone imagery on the interactive Tokara map, plus UHF and cellular signal strength maps to identify any black spots
  • View and backup machine calibration files
  • Access critical information such as machine or asset type, online status, connection strength and last known location at a glance.

With the ability to remotely view operator displays, send and receive messages, and provide training or troubleshooting without being on site, Tokara helps to keep all machines and rovers running efficiently to the current design file.

Brendan Lawrence, Survey Manager for Menai Civil, says he uses Tokara every day to manage the company’s fleet across multiple projects.

“We don’t have anywhere near as much downtime, we don’t lose productivity because I can login remotely using Tokara,” he says. “I can get a call from an operator the other side of Sydney and using Tokara I can access the machine straight away. Generally, I can fix the problem they’re having or upload the files that they need.”

With the ability to remote into an operator’s screen, technical support is fast and effective to keep projects and machines running smoothly.

Position Partners’ technical support can also provide troubleshooting, software, and firmware updates remotely for customers. Tokara helps to eliminate the frustration of having to explain the problem over the phone, by giving the technician the ability to see the same screen.

The majority of technical problems are easily resolved remotely, but if there is a hardware issue that requires a site visit, the field technician can come fully prepared with the right parts and information about the cause of the issue.

“Tokara enables me to access all the machinery remotely, upload and download files without even leaving the office,” says Kobus Viljoen, Surveyor and Machine Control Specialist for Joe Wagner Group.

“I can train an operator who has never used machine control. It really gives us the edge when it comes to productivity and in the last 10 years I haven’t come across one problem that we couldn’t resolve over the phone in just a few minutes.”

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