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Making the grader

The folks at TAFE New England will make the earth move. And with EERM we are looking for others to join us.

As a learning experience, a machinery restoration can be an invaluable experience. A restoration is one thing. What the TAFE New England crew are attempting is more of a rescue.

The John Deere 670A was donated by SEE Civil, thanks to Jon Gibson, a company keen to nurture new talent. It was a generous donation, but the grand old machine was badly in need of some TLC. TLC and some very specialist technical attention.

The New England TAFE guys thought they’re prayers had been answered!

They organized a sandblasting, then all gave up their weekend to do a respray. That was after they’d manufactured a new roof from scratch and fitted, and all the hydraulic hoses have been replaced, making an invaluable contribution as part of the Hydraulic Unit Of Competence offered by the trades’ school.

The JD was too big to fit in the TAFE spray booth, so, bursting with enthusiasm, the trainees tackled the difficult situation, adapted and overcame, and now have the grader you can see in these images. A running, hard-working and very valuable earthmoving asset.

Since the rescue the JD’s been happily fussed over by successive groups of trainees who hone their diagnosis and testing training on the ol’ girl, as well as offering invaluable operator training in the TAFE’s Civil Construction programmes.

Join in

With the 670 doing great work and helping successive groups of trainees work the workforce with real experience under their belts, the New England guys would like to make the grader even more effective in its teaching role, and they’re looking for help from earthmoving community to make it happen.

Education budgets are tight, and the guys are chasing some parts.

Can you help? Can you contribute to making the trainees even more proficient?

If you  or your company could make available any of the parts the machine needs, please get in touch with Kristina at EERM. You’ll be making a very real and substantial contribution to the whole industry, helping train good people to ever higher standards.

Here’s what the grader needs:

  • An engine and transmission rebuild kit
  • Seal kits for directional control valves
  • A hydraulic pump overhaul kit
  • Diff and brake rebuild kits
  • New tyres (six)
  • Replacement gauges and electrical devices in the cab
  • An operator’s seat
  • Door locks
  • Air-conditioning components
  • Articulation pins and bearings
  • Various cylinder seal kits
  • Paint

EERM is behind the project, so if you come on board we’ll make sure everyone knows about it, but best of all, you’ll be helping to continue the use of what’s a sensational training aid.

That’s got to be good for the future of the whole industry.

Contact Kristina to be involved or phone: (07) 5537 6133 or 0430 085 961



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