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Making The Grade With Broons !

As improvements in grader technology has allowed operators to grade a road to tight specification, so too has the development of the grader mounted Graderoll Duo multi-tyre roller.

With an inbuilt active suspension system it will follow the graded surface to help create the perfect cross fall and shoulder shape.

Easily controlled from the cabin, the Broons Graderoll Duo has been designed to maximise productivity by automatically compacting to the desired shape of the road. With three independently pressured groups of tyres, it cleverly applies even pressure to the pavement – whether going through dips or over bumps, the roller self adjusts to give 100 percent compaction 100 per cent of the time. This better coverage means less runs and onto the next job quicker.

Not only does it follow the fall and crown of the graded pavement, its walking beam function allows the operator to manoeuvre the roller to the left of the grader, making it ideal for rolling the shoulder of the road. In addition to keeping the grader on firmer ground, it mitigates damage from low hanging braches and bushes that can occur when running the grader close to the verge. With a flick of the toggle the ripper is raised, roller is retracted, and it’s down the highway to the next job site. Big brother to the popular Graderoll Mono roller, both attachments turn a modern grader into an efficient roa  maintenance combination.

They’re a very affordable way to attract road maintenance contracts to your earthmoving business.

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