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Makinex: Lift, Shift, Load And Transport


Tight access excavation demands narrow mini dumpers.

In 2018, 71,000 new homes are expected to be built in NSW. To meet this growing demand in property development where houses are built tighter together in blocks and site access is getting harder, the need to have compact and reliable mini dumper machines is greater than ever.

The range of jobs Steve from Perrin Excavations has been getting recently definitely backs up this housing development trend. Steve said, “Over the last six months my Cormidi 500kg machine has done around 450 hours whereas my 2.4 tonne mini excavator has only been out four times and the main reason for this is because the demand for tight access work is increasing.”

The Cormidi mini dumper range is ideal for tight access work because it starts at 695mm wide and can easily work across all terrain.

Makinex is the sole distributer of Cormidi in Australia. The dumper range enables users to access the narrowest of spaces over all types of terrain. The Cormidi dumpers start at 695mm wide, which is smaller than a standard doorway as well as small alleyways found between houses.

The dumpers are versatile and compact, which augments manoeuvrability around every work site.

The Cormidi range is designed with a rocking roller undercarriage creating stability over rough terrain such as rocks, tree roots and other uneven surfaces at an angle of up to 20 degrees.

The Cormidi range available from Makinex starts at 400kg load capacity up to 2000kg.


The dumpers can lift, shift, load and transport any materials from stones to dirt and concrete blocks. High tipping is available on most models to dump directly into skip bins and trucks. Self-loading is another useful option available on some models.

Steve said, “The Cormidis compare to nothing else on the market. They’ve enabled me to keep up with the increasing demands in excavation for tight access work and are cheap to run at around $3 per day. Plus, they can move more material than any other mini dumpers on the market.”

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