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Major Projects Group and Liebherr Australia

Major Projects Group is a social enterprise, which draws on a long and varied history in the demolition industry, with Founder and Managing Director Paul Adams’ involvement in the sector stretching back to 1982.

This experience, combined with a forward-thinking and social outlook makes it unique to the industry. This has seen the company position itself as an innovative demolition service provider for its clients and a strong advocate for the protection of the Pacific’s ecosystems and cultural heritage.

Established in 2009, with headquarters in Mayfield, Newcastle, Major Projects Group provide industrial, commercial, marine and special high-risk demolition services across the east coast of Australia, and is focused on employing cutting-edge engineering processes in addressing complex demolition challenges. Adams explained that Major Projects Group has also partnered with other companies, allowing it to provide a range of associated demolition services.

“These services include decommissioning, civil, remediation and the removal of asbestos and other hazardous materials,” he told EEM. “Major Projects Group also offers in-house demolition consulting, and project management and engineering services related to demolition works.”

This suite of services has been keeping the company busy, with Major Projects Group having recently completed demolition works at the Koppers Carbon Materials & Chemicals site in Newcastle, and the demolition of the Australian Refined Alloys lead-acid battery recycling plant in Sydney. It has also recently started work on the second stage of the land demolition and wharf deck removal subcontract works at Garden Island in Sydney.

“These works include the salvage of wharf furniture, the demolition of the Oil and Cruiser wharves, and the demolition of a major building,” Adams said. “They are being undertaken under a strategic partnership agreement with Industrial Demolition Services.”

A Client-Focused Approach And Efficient Operations

Adams pointed to a number of factors helping Major Projects Group stand out in the market, including the company’s experienced team, a client-focused and innovative approach, and a focus on delivering projects on time and on budget.

Major Projects Group presides over an extensive fleet of specialised plant and equipment, with Adams singling out the company’s Liebherr R 994-200 excavator, which features customised attachments, and is capable of tackling structures up to 30m high with the operator positioned more than 20m away.

Adams also pointed to the company’s Liebherr LH 30 C EW Material Handler, which he stated they specifically use for high-reach demolition, lifting and loading work, and said contributes to safer loading/ unloading operations allowing the operator to work from above truck height.

“Major Projects Group has also complemented our fleet of demolition excavators with the purchase of a new Liebherr R 956 HD Demolition Crawler Excavator,” Adams commented.

“Our excavator operators particularly enjoy using this machine for its ease of use. Other benefits of this machine are increased productivity thanks to the automatic centralised lubrication system, and increased safety thanks to the unobstructed panoramic visibility and rear and side-view monitoring cameras.”


Adams noted that equipment advances have provided Major Projects Group a range of benefits, including reducing downtime on project sites and providing additional data-driven insights into specific aspects of projects, while more fuel-efficient machines have decreased the company’s carbon footprint.

“New technology on equipment helps us in collecting data, such as fuel consumption and performance data, which assists us in pricing new demolition works,” he said. “Safety is also enhanced through our excavator cameras, allowing the operator to check the job site surroundings prior to carrying out any operation.”

A Long-Standing Relationship With Liebherr

Adams said that he has had a long-standing relationship with Liebherr, stretching back to the late ‘90s, at which time he was involved with the delivery and setup of three 160t Liebherr excavators adapted with specialist demolition attachments, all of which he used in the demolition of the BHP Newcastle Steelworks.

“Major Projects Group purchases and mainly relies on Liebherr excavators for demolition works due to their great reliability and efficiency,” he commented.

Liebherr Australia said the two companies have formed “a strong long-term business relationship built on trust and respect”.

Liebherr Australia also highlighted the work that Major Projects Group has been doing with the Major Projects Foundation.

Major Projects Group created the not-for-profit Foundation to respond to emerging maritime issues being faced by Pacific Islands nations, including the threat of oil spills from World War II shipwrecks, unexploded ordinance, plastic pollution and the effects of climate change. As a Social Enterprise, Major Projects Group donates 50% of its distributable profits to the Foundation supporting its activities in marine conservation, research, education and action throughout the Pacific.

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