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Lovol: Rising to a higher level

A Lovol FL980K wheel loader

EEM gets the inside scoop on the latest Lovol equipment available from Equipment Specialists Australia.

Lovol Construction Machinery, a Chinese manufacturer with a rich history, has been making waves in the Australian earthmoving equipment market. Equipment Specialists Australia (ESA) – the authorised distributor for Lovol equipment in Australia – has recently expanded its range of Lovol excavators and wheel loaders, bringing a high-quality yet affordable alternative to the industry.

The new Lovol FR350F excavator.

The wheel loader range includes models with Danfoss hydrostatic drive and Cummins engines, designed for the mining, quarry, and construction sectors. The range also offers models with ZF Powershift Transmission and Cummins engines for all types of construction work. There are models featuring non-computerised Deutz Weichai engines, perfect for smaller businesses and the farming sector.

As for the excavator line up, Lovol offers an extensive range of options, from the zero-swing range, ideal for tight spaces, to the limited swing and conventional swing models for various applications. With a total of 34 models available ranging from 1.8 tonnes to 100 tonnes, including long reach and material handlers, end-users can find the perfect excavator for their needs.

The Lovol FR18E-U excavator, painted in green and gold
SONY DSCThe 1.8-tonne FR18E-U zero swing mini excavator is available in Australian green and gold.

The sweet spot

Lawrence Perkins, Operations Manager at ESA, explains that the company’s offerings have bridged the gap between high-priced big brand names and cheaper, low-quality alternatives.

“In the past Lovol has primarily targeted mainland Asian and European countries that want lower spec but high-quality machinery,” he says. “Lovol has now shifted its focus to compete with the big brands in terms of modern design, operator comfort, high performance features, all while keeping the toughness and reliability at the highest level.”

For smaller businesses like garden centres needing smaller loaders, Lawrence says they’ve historically been stuck either with $200,000+ big brand name machines that are beyond their budget, or much lower quality budget alternatives.

The 15-tonne, 4.5-tonne rated FL948K.

“Lovol’s filling that in-between market with comparable quality to the big name brands with luxury comforts, high performance, and features across the full K series range,” he says.

Lawrence says that Lovol’s new machines have been receiving positive feedback from customers.

“Everyone who’s got them has been absolutely loving it, and just rapt that they’ve purchased them compared to spending huge amounts more just to get a brand name sticker,” he says.

Lawrence says Lovol’s collaboration with top-tier component suppliers is another aspect that sets it apart from competitors now with five years warranty on some models.

The 8-tonne FR80E is powered by a reliable Yanmar engine.

“They have many loader models already now available that are in line with high-end brands in regard to having a full hydrostatic drive train made by Danfoss,” Lawrence says.

Despite the stigma associated with Chinese products, Lawrence believes that Lovol’s commitment to quality, innovative features, and competitive pricing will change the perception of the brand. He says other Chinese top tier brands have been working hard to do the same also and now being considered more seriously.

“Lovol’s got a high-quality product that sits a little bit above other top tier Chinese manufacturers in terms of setting the standard for quality, features, performance, and more,” Lawrence says. “But compared to the budget priced machines – they are worlds apart.”

The FR700F is equipped with a Deutz Weichai engine and Linde hydraulics with a five-year year warranty.

The overwhelmingly positive feedback received for Lovol’s machinery has attracted the attention of new sectors, including the mining industry. Lawrence explains that this interest is unprecedented, as the mining sector has traditionally never considered Chinese products before.

“The mining industry now wants to get involved with Lovol products,” he says. “It’s going to be the first Chinese brand to break into the underground mining sector, which proves the quality of the machines.

“Lovol has matched and surpassed the features of some of the big OEMs, with the hydrostatic drive being a key example. It’s kind of caught some of the big brand manufacturers by surprise, as they’re still trying to develop and catch up.”

The Lovol FL966K (22-tonne weight with a six-tonne payload).

Ready to roll

In terms of machine availability, Lawrence says that ESA hasn’t faced any significant issues with supply, and China has been quick to deliver. But the demand for Lovol machines has been so high that they are often sold before they even make it to Australian shores.

“That’s our biggest issue for us right now – machines being sold before they arrive,” Lawrence says. “But people won’t be having to wait six to eight months, it’s typically a couple of months maximum.”

To meet this growing demand, ESA has been increasing its orders for Lovol machinery, with shipments arriving every few weeks. Lawrence says as demand continues to rise, ESA will have more opportunities to forecast and meet the market’s needs.

“Right now, we’ve got a shipment of 12 wheel loaders and another 12 excavators arriving,” Lawrence says. “And we’re ordering more every few weeks now.”

Lovol’s 33-tonne FR330D is powered by a 256hp Isuzu engine, requiring no ECU or AdBlue/EGR/DPF; and with the renowned KPM hydraulic system, as used by Hitachi.

A growing network

Lawrence says ESA has a solid and ever-growing network of dealers across Australia, and is looking to continue that expansion to meet demand.

“We already have a great backbone established for the business, particularly with our maintenance and field service,” he says. “So, we’re actively building on our dealer network to ensure we can offer full coverage Australia-wide. After sales service is
extremely important to us – it’s our
number-one focus.”

The 15-tonne FR150F features a 90hp Isuzu engine.

ESA’s current Lovol range includes:

  •  Wheel loaders, including: the 6-tonne weight, 1.8-tonne rated FL918K; the 15-tonne weight, 4.5-tonne rated FL948K, the 20-tonne weight, 6-tonne rated FL962K; and the 26-tonne weight, 8-tonne rated FL980K – all featuring Danfoss Hydrostatic (HST) Drive and Cummins engines suitable for the mining, quarry, and high-end construction sector
  •  The wheel loader range also includes: the 18-tonne weight, 5.5-tonne rated FL958K, the 22-tonne weight, 6-tonne rated FL966K; and the 24-tonne weight, 7-tonne rated FL976K – all with ZF Powershift Transmission and Cummins engines suitable for all types of construction work
  •  And rounding out the wheel loader range is the 10-tonne weight, 3-tonne rated FL936H; 12-tonne weight, and 3.5-tonne rated FL938H – with Powershift Transmissions and non-computerised Deutz Weichai engines suitable for small businesses and the farming sector
  •  The excavator range includes 1.8-tonne, 3.6-tonne, 5.5-tonne, and soon-to-arrive 13-tonne zero-swing models; the 22-tonne, 70-tonne, and 80-tonne limited-swing range
  •  Lastly, a wide range of conventional-swing machines, for a total of 34 models available, including long-reach and material handlers.

For more information, visit: or phone 1300 378 478


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