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Energy Safety Victoria is calling on Victorians who operate heavy or large machinery to Look Up and Live when working near overhead powerlines.

This year we have lost a truck driver whose tipper truck came into contact with powerlines in regional Victoria and there have been numerous other close calls and injuries. Be aware of powerlines especially on large properties such as farms. Often they are hard to see particularly at dawn and dusk.

Take particular care when:

  • Using tall machinery, such as cranes or augers
  • Driving high vehicles
  • Raising the tipper tray of trucks
  • Raising equipment such as irrigation pipes overhead
  • Climbing on top of machinery or storage silos

If you are driving a truck, identify where powerlines cross properties, never raise the tray of tipper trucks when underneath powerlines and relocate bulk delivery storage sites to a safe area away from powerlines. Drivers should refuse to deliver loads if their safety is compromised in any way.

Also monitor weather conditions closely – powerlines can sag in extreme heat and sway in strong winds.

Observe No Go Zones, which prescribe a safe working distance from powerlines.

Remember, if you are not sure about the location of powerlines, check with your electricity distribution business. A list is on the ESV website.

ESV produces a range of merchandise including No Go Zone stickers for heavy machinery such as trucks, and warning signs for large properties that have powerlines crossing them.

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