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Load up on reliability with the new SDLG range

An impressive range of new products has hit Australian shores. SDLG H-Series wheel loaders and mini excavators promise extremely reliable yet simple operation, low maintenance, and outstanding value for money, and are available now at CJD Equipment.

Shandong Lingong Equipment (SDLG) has an earned global reputation of reliability in action. SDLG is one of China’s fastest growing construction equipment manufacturers with over 50 years of industry expertise, in more than 130 countries.

The E660FL excavator is the largest in the SDLG line-up to be offered in Australia.

As a member of the Volvo Group since 2007, SDLG integrates Volvo’s design influence and high-quality standards to provide machinery that is both cost-effective and reliable, with simple operation and maintenance.

SDLG wheel loaders have been available in Australia for more than 10 years through national distributor CJD Equipment, with proven success in a variety of applications.

“Our SDLG customers have experienced great success with the product, in a number of different industries including waste and recycling, agriculture, timber plants, and general construction,” says Andrew Egan, National Product Manager for SDLG at CJD Equipment. “The general feedback is that they are extremely reliable, simple to operate and versatile.

“The new models include standard features that are usually options on other machines, making SDLG extremely good value for money. Coupled with SDLG’s reputation for simplicity, reliability, and ease of operation, SDLG excavators will likely become one of the first choices amongst astute buyers.”

Reliable H-Series wheel loaders

CJD Equipment offers five SDLG wheel loaders to customers in Australia ranging from the 77hp LG918 through to the 217hp L958F, including the three new H-Series models – L936HLA, L938H, and L946H.

SDLG wheel loaders have been available in Australia for more than 10 years through CJD Equipment.

The H-Series models feature high torque, fuel efficient Weichai engines for powerful performance, superior reliability, and low maintenance. All SDLG wheel loaders have a fully certified ROPS-FOPS cab as standard, air conditioning, and a wraparound pillarless windscreen for ultimate visibility.

Operator comfort has been further enhanced in the H-Series with improved sealing, suspension seat with ergonomic controls, digital instrument display, and low-noise and vibration technology.

“SDLG wheel loaders have all the necessary safety features in the cab, along with an ergonomic, comfortable, low-noise environment keeping operators alert and happy,” Andrew says. “The new models are very versatile, thanks to the factory fitted quick coupler and third function hydraulics, which can accommodate a variety of different attachments, making the machine very simple to use.”

The 11-tonne, 105kW/141hp L936HLA wheel loader features a bucket capacity up to 1.8m³, a rated load of 3-tonne, and has a small footprint making it highly manoeuvrable. The rear axle rated load capacity has been improved, offering greater durability and increased productivity and comes standard with a long arm for greater reach.

The L938H, another 11-tonne, 105kW/141hp loader, offers a 2.1m³ bucket capacity with a four-speed power shift transmission instead of two-speed. This enables greater speed capabilities and smoother shifting, and is ideal for transporting and loading loose materials like sand and soil, and general material handling.

Both the L936HLA and L938H also include an automatic bucket and boom kick out function to ensure optimal productivity during load carrying.

The L946H is the largest wheel loader in the new H-Series range offered by CJD Equipment. At 13-tonne, 129kW/173hp, and with a four-tonne rated load capacity, 2.3m³ bucket, and optimised frame and boom structure, the L946H is an excellent choice for heavy load applications.

Efficient mini excavators

Three SDLG mini excavator models are now offered by CJD Equipment and SDLG Dealers. These machines are newly designed by SDLG with comfort and reliability at the core, equipped with engines from globally recognised manufacturers Kubota and Yanmar. SDLG’s mini excavators deliver optimal power and stability at a competitive price, without compromising on quality.

SDLG’s mini excavators aim to deliver optimal power and stability at a competitive price.

The ER616F is the smallest excavator in the new range. At 1.8-tonne, 10kW/13hp, the ER616F is powerful and highly efficient with an excavation force of 15kN, and the ability to accommodate different attachments. This model features an energy-saving, fuel efficient Kubota engine with zero tail swing, and high-quality hydraulic components for precise control and increased stability.

“These machines will be great option for the industry offering optimal power and stability, without compromising on quality,” Andrew says.

The ER636F has a compact design and zero tail swing, and features an enclosed, spacious cabin, making it well-suited to urban construction jobs, particularly in tight spaces. This 3.8-tonne, 20kW/27hp excavator has a high-torque, extremely efficient Yanmar engine, along with a load-sensing hydraulic system for smoother operation with reduced noise and vibration.

The 6-tonne, 39kW/52hp E660FL excavator is the largest in the line-up to be offered in Australia. Featuring reduced tail swing, a comfortable cab, and compact structure, this model is ideal for a variety of earthmoving and general construction applications. With nine work modes and an auto-idle function for power on demand, paired with an energy-saving hydraulic system and highly efficient four-cylinder Yanmar T3-rated engine, this excavator delivers high performance and excellent fuel economy.

Reliable support in Australia

The SDLG mini excavator and H-Series wheel loader range is a great option for customers that are looking for a premium product at a competitive price. SDLG machines have been designed to minimise maintenance efforts, with the main components, filters, and electrical systems grouped for easy ground level access. All core components are sourced from world-renowned manufacturers to ensure the highest reliability.

All new SDLG machinery includes a three-year, 6000-hour warranty as standard, backed by CJD Equipment’s network.

Andrew says the SDLG and CJD Equipment partnership gives customers a reputable product with proper aftersales back-up, including 24/7 sales, parts, and service support.

“It’s one thing to buy a machine that’s cost-effective, but all machines have the potential for unscheduled downtime,” he says. “It’s a matter of how quickly you can get back to work and how much you can rely on the company that sold you the machine.

“CJD has a very good reputation Australia-wide for representing its machinery and looking after customers. You don’t stay in the industry for almost 50 years without looking after your customers.”

CJD Equipment branches and SDLG dealers are located nationally, from Australian capital cities through to regional country towns, and offer 24/7 parts, and service support.

This gives SDLG customers the peace of mind that they will have access to reliable and experienced local aftersales support in Australia for the life of their machinery.

“If you’re planning on purchasing or replacing a piece of used equipment or you just want a machine that is reliable, easy to operate and maintain, and highly efficient, then SDLG is a great option,” Andrew says.

For more information on the SDLG range, and to locate your local CJD Equipment branch or SDLG Dealer visit www.cjd.com.au or call 1300 139 804


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