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LiuGong: In for the long haul

A LiuGong 856H Wheel Loader

Sydney’s Haines Bros Earthmoving is optimising performance and value for money with LiuGong’s wheel loaders and rollers.

For those in the know, the LiuGong range of machinery has been selling like hot cakes in Western and South Australia for many years. But the East Coast seems to have been a little slower on the uptake.
But with the likes of Sydney-based Haines Bros Earthmoving embracing LiuGong with open arms, the wave of businesses stepping over to the brand is well and truly on the rise.

Two men in high vis workwear pose in front of a LiuGong 856H Wheel Loader
PMG’s Liam King (left) and Jason Lyall, from the Australian distributor of LiuGong equipment.

Haines Bros Earthmoving specialises in civil construction and plant hire services. Backed by more than two decades’ experience, the business has developed the skills, experience, and hands-on knowledge to tackle jobs of any size with confidence.

Offering a wide range of services including earthworks, roadworks, stormwater works, and site remediation, Haines Bros has built a reputation as a highly regarded construction partner with a keen eye for safety and the environment.

With experience owning and operating machinery from a number of other brands over the years, the fact that Haines Bros has chosen LiuGong for its wheel loaders and rollers is a great indication of the team’s success and satisfaction with the brand.

Haines Bros embraces LiuGong with open arms

Today, Haines Bros owns four LiuGong machines, including the 848H Wheel Loader, 856H Wheel Loader, 6613E Roller, and 6615E Roller, all of which have been purchased from Australian dealer Pacific Machinery Group (PMG).

Haines Bros’ latest acquisition, a new LiuGong 856H Wheel Loader, has recently been put to work on a demanding construction site at Western Sydney International Airport.

Haines Bros' LiuGong 856H Wheel Loader on a work site
Haines Bros has put the LiuGong 856H to work on site at Western Sydney International Airport.

According to PMG General Manager Liam King, this purchase is just the latest in what has been a long-standing relationship between PMG and Haines Bros.

“Our company has had a 26-year partnership with Director Mark Haines,” Liam says. “So, when it came time for Haines to seriously look at purchasing its first LiuGong machine, the trust was already there.

“And as the experience goes with so many customers, once they get in the machine and discover first-hand what they are capable of – the power, efficiency, and comfort – the machines pretty much sell themselves.

“There is a very good reason our machines are so competitive in the Southern and Western states. They are extremely reliable, durable, and great value.”

Liam says there are several key features that often stand out to operators after they’ve spent time in LiuGong machines.

Inside the cab of a LiuGong 856H Wheel Loader
The 856H features a fully sealed and pressurised ROPS/FOPS certified cab.

“The PMG backup and investment in parts is a big one,” he says. “And we don’t just sell machines into metro areas – we offer and support the brand in regional areas too.

“The machines come with LED lights, reverse cameras, ROPS/FOPS compliant cabins – and the new generation touchscreen offered in the 915FCR 14T zero-swing excavator is like something out of a Tesla!”

Liam says LiuGong machines can offer cost savings to businesses around Australia.

“You get a lower hourly cost and savings on purchase price, combined with the same backup as the big players in earthmoving,” he says. “You just can’t underestimate the importance of these types of savings when coupled with a high quality and reliable machine like the LiuGong.

“It’s very easy to navigate a dealer relationship where any member of a customer’s staff can call any of our branches to receive backup and support. This type of support is integral to our brand. We treat our customers as part of the PMG family. A lot of companies will tell you similar things – but when push comes to shove, we back up our words with action.”

Liam says the LiuGong brand is in Australia for the long haul, and its utmost priority is supporting customers and building long-term relationships with end users. He says LiuGong is setting a new standard when it comes to reliable and great value heavy machinery – equipment that is more than capable of excelling in tough Australian conditions.

Construction’s best kept secret

The 17-tonne 856H Wheel Loader is powered by a Cummins Tier 3 turbocharged and air-to-air intercooled, 6-cylinder engine, producing 162kW (220 hp / 217 PS) at 2200rpm, making it an excellent option for a wide range of tasks.

The 856H features a hydraulic system with dual-pump confluence.

It also features a hydraulic system with a dual-pump confluence (with steering always prioritised to reduce energy loss); a fully sealed and pressurised ROPS/FOPS certified cab ensuring reduced dust and noise, and operator safety in tough conditions; and a single layer radiator and big range fin spacing for high efficiency. Optional attachments include multiple buckets, pallet fork, handling arm, grapple, and snow blade.

Jason Lyall, from the Australian distributor of LiuGong equipment, has been tasked to help fast-track the growth of the LiuGong brand on the East Coast, and says LiuGong has had tremendous success in Western and South Australia for the past 15 years.

“Now it’s time to bring the best kept secret in the construction space to the East Coast,” he says. “People seem to have their own pre-conceived ideas about different brands, but once they get to sit in and operate a LiuGong, they are blown away – they just love it.

“Then they start to join the dots and soon realise that the LiuGong wheel loaders, just like the excavators and rollers, are the best value machines in the market.

“The 856H Wheel Loader also features Auto-Grease, Quick Hitch, a reversible fan, a heated seat, and a very well laid-out and comfortable cab. These inclusions all contribute to the great performance and value of the machine – and of course, a great overall experience.”

A LiuGong 856H Wheel Loader
Jason Lyall says LiuGong wheel loaders present the best value for money on the market.
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