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LiuGong 375B Skid Steer Loader


LiuGong has had an impressive run over the last 60 years evolving into one of China’s leading construction equipment manufacturers. From building the country’s first modern wheel loader, LiuGong today is one of the fastest growing global CE companies in the world offering a full line of extreme duty, intuitive machines for construction equipment owners. It’s no wonder the 375B skid steer loader packs as much punch as it does when aimed at the section of the market it clearly has its sights set on.

When you have a team behind you made up of 8000 employees, 1000 engineers, 300 dealers spread across 100 countries, 19 product lines, 20 manufacturing facilities, 12 regional offices and 9 regional part depots, you have an amazing team of highly skilled professionals with one clear focus: to build exceptional world-class machinery to the highest standards possible.





The 375B is a great little machine with plenty of bang for your buck. Don’t let its small stature mislead you either because under the hood it’s sporting a Tier 3/ Stage IIIA Yanmar 67.4hp engine producing 50.3kW @ 2400rpm with peak torque of 238.8Nm @ 1550rpm.

This machine looks to be aimed and priced towards the hire markets because they’re tough work horses that are easily maintained and cleaned in-between hire customers and quickly turned around for the next job.

Being aimed at that target group it isn’t packing the latest technologies and bells and whistles, but the reality of that sector of the market means it doesn’t need to be.

Purchasers of these machines simply won’t be looking for those features or price tag.

Instead, LiuGong have very cleverly produced a machine that will tick all the boxes for a specific buyer with a specific usage and price tag in mind.



What it does certainly have in spades is a solid checklist of key specs that ensure it is up to the demands of the hire industry with a tough and durable build that will see it perform day in, day out.

The hydraulic system runs with a standard flow of 69 litres/min with a travelling hydrostatic pressure of 35MPa and a working hydrostatic pressure of 20.7MPa. Boasting an operating weight of 2650kg, static tipping load of 1400kg and rated load of 865kg, there is more than enough performance for even the most demanding hire customer for a machine of this size.


Versatility is high on the priority list because the 375B is aimed at the hire market. The optional attachments include: 4 in 1 Bucket, Rock Bucket, Scrape Bucket and Forks. Optional Equipment available includes:

enclosed ROPS/FOPS Cab with AC, Solid Tire, Tire Chains, Heater, Auxiliary High Flow-107 litres/min.

It’s not hard to see how versatile this machine is and how much value for your dollar has been built into this performer.

When I had the chance to jump in and put this baby through its paces my initial thoughts were that it felt quite comfy. I had plenty of room; it would easily fit a much bigger person than me. The controls felt smooth and everything was naturally placed where I was hoping to find them. Generally, it is a well laid out machine.

I have had Yanmar motors in all of my excavators and I’m a big fan. They have heaps of power and are very reliable, well-built engines and this one is no different.

In the various challenging tasks I put the machine to it had absolutely no dramas fulfilling them. It dug, scraped and carried some huge tree trunks with ease. In fact, one of the sections of fallen tree trunks was so big I didn’t think I would be able to drive back down the rather steep hill front first without the added weight of the tree lifting the back end. I thought I would have to reverse down the hill for sure, but after giving it a go I found the machine was well weighted for this exact task and I was able to drive down with absolutely no dramas. This was an impressive performance, indeed.

The LiuGong 375B is a great all-round performer and will be an awesome investment for either the hire industry or someone looking for a performer without all the bells and whistles required at the other end of industry. If you are looking for bang for your buck, I couldn’t recommend this machine enough.


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