Case Study

Little Rock with AWD Group

Little Rock Road Services is a husband and wife team with over 35 years of experience in the civil game. Dean and Shelly Biancon are a dynamic duo who has built Little Rock up to the medium-sized civil construction company it is today, specializing in municipal road construction.

A segment of their business that they have built to a unique and considerable amount of expertise is carrying out full land development and sub divisional road construction, including all associated works. The company was formed in 2008 and has made significant growth and developments over the last 10 years to arrive where it stands today.

Part of the company’s success lies in their ability to select works from maximizing the use of the company’s own equipment and assets, including the significant high level of skills within the Little Rock team, which they have built up over the last 10 years. Works of any value up to $5 million can be managed; however, the company specialize in the annual municipal road construction and reconstruction contract area, which is one of its key strengths. Little Rock has developed methods that minimize time-consuming delays and reworks, while ensuring safety and that the quality of the finished product is maintained. These tried and tested methods are part of the backbone of Little Rock and the overall client satisfaction that has built the solid reputation that precedes the team.


When it comes to the environment, Little Rock has a clear and committed approach in all environmental areas and makes sure its leadership in this area flows down starting from the very top of the company. Ensuring the efficient use of resources is key and continually monitoring new and improved methods of minimizing pollution and environmental risks across the industry is paramount.

The company can have three separate construction crews operating independently under central management. The responsibility and reliability of employees are vital to the company’s operation. Dedication to training, quality and excellence, coupled with knowledge of the intricate issues that surround the industry, ensure a high level of competency in all areas of project operation and management is achieved on every job. These intricacies are invaluable and can only be learned through years of knowledge and experience.



In an industry like civil construction your reputation is everything. You are only as successful as your last big project and Little Rock is well known for having the highest level of integrity in its business dealing. When speaking with Dean Biancon on a work trip to Victoria, Dean shared, “Our mission is to ensure that every day, in everything we do, we maintain and build on this reputation of integrity. When it came to looking to invest in a few new machines, we were interested in the key areas of safety, quality, technology, maintenance and after-sales service that were of vital importance to us. We need to know it is safe and what the key safety components are because we won’t put any of our employees at risk. We want to know that every part of the equipment is built to a high standard with the latest, up-to-date technology and will be easy to maintain with a reputable after-sales service available. Many hours will go into researching what will be the best option and will get the job done. By looking at the advancements in our plant and equipment we are able to ensure that we maintain quality and efficiency including new and innovative ways to improve our company to stay ahead of the competition.”

Dean and the Little Rock’s team are currently working on a project in Williams town in a residential street undertaking a road rehabilitation. I was interested in finding out what the motivating factors were behind Little Rocks Civil’s decision to purchase LiuGong machines.

“We chose LiuGong for our most recent purchases of plant because we found that although the company was relatively new to Australia, they have been in production for a number of years. We discovered they had plant that we considered perfect for our company, with all of the features that we were looking for and a much lower cost than larger competitors while ensuring that all of our criteria was met. LiuGong offers the safety features, build quality and ease of maintenance with many options available and superb after-sales service,” Dean shared.


Dean’s initial exposure to the LiuGong range came through the great staff at AWD Group and in particular Roy Rossini. The relationship began when Dean first met Roy Rossini, the Regional Manager for the Southern Region at the Elmore Field Days, and found they both had a lot in common. Although Roy was a sales rep, he had worked in the civil construction sector as a contractor for many years, so he understood and knew the issues that companies like Little Rock faced. From that simple meeting, Dean was then invited to Sydney to see the machines first hand and was duly impressed. He was met by CEO Paul Jenkins who welcomed him by ensuring he met the entire team, from the office team to spare parts and manufacturing. This experience left a lasting impression on Dean of the company because he could see the passion and pride the entire team had for their products – that was the turning point for the purchase of the CLG835H Wheel Loader and later the CLG385B Skid-steer. Machines that have both had a significant and positive impact on the business. Dean and wife Shelly are planning to visit the factories in China later in the year with the intention of purchasing more equipment.

At the moment, civil construction is a booming industry with Victoria’s population rapidly growing and advancements in equipment technology remaining paramount to the industry, with more and more pressure to get the job done quickly and safely before moving onto the next and staying ahead of the competition. As much as it can at times feel like walking a tightrope, it is the experience, know-how and integrity that will continue to have a positive effect on Little Rock, their clients and staff. With great partners at their side like LiuGong and AWD Group, their road to success is guaranteed.

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