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Lifting the standard with UHI Machinery

UHI Machinery’s new forklift range has all bases covered.

UHI Machinery has released a new range of forklift trucks. The new forklifts focus on higher efficiency through added control and stability, better vision for enhanced safety, improved operator comfort for full shift productivity and more access for easier scheduled service and maintenance.

The new forklifts from UHI Machinery address the need for diverse customer requirements, covering every application and work challenges from shipping ports, warehousing or distribution and transport. The range includes models offering drive power options of diesel, lithium battery and LPG.

Models in the new forklift range comprise the CPCD25 2.5-tonne diesel, model CPCD50 5-tonne, the CPD25 2.5-tonne lithium four wheel, CPD20SQ 2-tonne three-wheel forklift, model CPQYD25 2.5-tonne LPG and the CPCD35 3.5-tonne four-wheel drive all-terrain forklift.

Operator comfort has been a high priority in the design of the new range. This is seen in design enhancements such as increased space around the operator’s feet to reduce fatigue, and a semi suspension seat.

The operator’s space has been enlarged and features reduced vibration by completely cushioning the driver’s cab. Cabin noise has also been significantly reduced by the addition of a fully closed patch type cab door.

The range includes models offering drive power options of diesel, lithium battery and LPG.

A small diameter steering wheel and reduced turning radius makes steering flexible and easy, lowering driver fatigue and boosting productivity. For smoother operation, mast shock has been reduced by the addition of a damping device inside the lifting system.

A safety improvement is the enhanced forward view through a wide view mast and a lowered dashboard. The rear-view area has also been redesigned with a lower profile counterweight.

The CPD25 2.5-tonne lithium four-wheel forklift incorporates all the design upgrades found on the other models in the series.

The CPD20SQ 2-tonne three-wheel lithium forklift has front wheel dual drive motors for plenty of power, a full hydraulic priority steering system and offers the benefits of an impressive turning radius of just 1.54m. Battery life is conserved by the use of low rolling resistance solid tyres.

The truck’s narrow width and large steering angle minimises turning radius, making it ideal for applications that require loading and unloading in narrow aisles.

There’s also a new, easy to use pedal parking system. As in the other models in the range, driving vision has been improved with a wide-frame mast, while boarding the truck is easier, thanks to a wider operator access space.

The truck’s intelligent security protection system automatically adjusts the tilt angle and speed of the mast according to the lifting height and load size. This improves the bearing capacity and safety while the vehicle is stacking.

Its intelligent limit buffering feature avoids extreme impact and provides extra safety and operator comfort. Intelligent steering deceleration increases stability, while a multi-scenario identification capability adds to efficiency and safety.

Model CPCD35 is a 3.5-tonne four-wheel drive a diesel-powered rough terrain forklift that offers stable and reliable performance in agricultural applications, construction sites and other tough road conditions. It features a multi position gearbox, selection of dual or four-wheel drive for energy conservation and efficiency, improved off-road performance and a load sensing valve for faster lifting.

This forklift has larger ground clearance, a lower centre of gravity for improved stability and the inching pedal is directly connected to the inching valve for more accurate control.

The instrument panel is ergonomically designed and there is an integrated handle switch, a ratchet type hand brake, and an integrated electro-hydraulic reversing handle.

The unit is fitted with off-road wide base tyres with heavy-duty treads, and there’s an improved radiator that optimises the cooling system for high-performance heat dissipation in challenging temperature conditions.

Further information contact UHI Machinery at, or on 1800 000 844


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