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Liebherr PR 756 G8 Dozer

When you think about the requirements of performance and technology for operators of Stage V / Tier 4f dozer’s on the modern construction site, things that come to mind are seamlessly integrated technologies that intuitively bring man and machine together.


Electronically controlled, continuously variable drive with ECO mode, electronic operating hydraulics, impressive power, and efficiencies all come to mind. As luck would have it these are just some of the advanced features and technologies of the 8th Generation Liebherr dozer. Let’s jump in and check out PR 756 G8 dozer from Liebherr.

The PR 756 G8 has recently been introduced into the Australian market and has been designed to perfectly meet the demands of the modern construction worksite. With a clear vision to build on the proven success of existing systems like the electronically controlled, continuously variable drive, Liebherr has combined the new electronic operating hydraulics with the latest advanced interface to ensure the dozer performs at the maximum performance and while bringing the ultimate in efficiencies and intelligence.

With an operating weight of 35,400 – 43,000kg operators can decide the power of the 125kW / 170hp machine to match with material volume so they can save resources and keep running cots down, while at the same time increasing the efficiency of the machine.

Liebherr Generation 8 dozers allow operators to choose the speed accordingly to operating conditions and directly call up full thrust at any time via the joystick, providing the ultimate in control and efficiency. Through the Liebherr hydrostatic drive, the machine automatically and continuously delivers the correct traction when ripping. The customers also can select the reactivity and speed of the operating hydraulics in the display to fine tune and customise their personal operating preferences.

In an impressive addition for outfits looking to bring support to their operators the new Operator Assistance Systems in the Generation 8 include three levels of drive support:
• Free Grade for active blade stabilisation during fine grading
• Definition Grade for automatic blade positioning when creating simple 2D surfaces
• 3D Grade from Topcon as optional GNSS machine control for modelling complex terrain forms

There is also an option to order factory installed ready-kits, which allow a range of machine control systems from Trimble and Leica to be retrofitted in the field. The reassuring Operator Assistance Systems help customers to exceed demands for productivity and precision even in difficult working conditions.

In our testing of the Liebherr PR 756 G8 dozer, EEM enlisted the services of Ian Edwards, who has spent a lifetime operating a broad range of earthmoving machinery and who is currently the Civil Construction and Infrastructure teacher at Western Sydney Region TAFE. Asking Ian his thoughts on the performance and general feedback on the Liebherr he said, “Technology, who would have thought after years of operating machines with cables and levers, we now live in an age of push button operation. After operating the new Liebherr 756 dozer, this machine is loaded with enough technology to equally keep computer gurus occupied for hours as well as have those adverse to technology enjoying its benefits after a basic introduction. Its systems are both impressive in their detail yet intuitive for operators to pick up.”

Ian continued, “With the 9-inch, 250m/m touch screen integrated in the dozer, the operator can dial in all the operating functions he or she requires to suit their level of experience.

Every function from operating travel speed to total blade control is programable using the touch screen. Another new feature for this 45-tonne machine is the hydrostatic drive system offering total variable speed to suit operation in any terrain. I found that after very little time in the air ride seat (which is heated by the way), I was getting a fantastic feel for the dozer. I can only imagine who smooth and precise an operator would be after several days or a week in this dozer. You won’t find a more comfortable cab. The positioning and customisation of the controls allows you to position everything exactly where you want it, and the noise of the machine has been seriously reduced through the noise reduction package.”

Loud working environments have been a problem for operators for as long as there has been heavy machinery. This noise over the course of the day greatly increases mental fatigue so Liebherr have introduce the most comprehensive noise reduction package ever installed in a Liebherr dozer, something they call Liebherr Silent design. Effectively transforming the workplace into a high comfort workstation. With hydro-elastic bearing mounts, Generation 8 dozer filters out vibrations through effective shock absorption, provides effective sound absorption and the lowest levels of acoustic noise and operators still have the full feedback to form the perfect level. Low noise emissions are further guaranteed by the combination of the low speed of the Liebherr diesel engine, the demand-controlled hydrostatic fan and the standard drive. So, it is a multi-aspect group of features that have very effectively combined to achieve this Silent Design.

As the PR 756 G8 dozer ripped into the ground at our test site, I had the chance to catch up with NSW Sales Manager Liebherr-Australia Earthmoving Division, Scott McClement. When asking Scott about who he saw this new machine would be perfect for and what his favourite specs or usages were he shared, “This dozer is perfect for general earthmoving, but those in the civil and waste industries in particular are really going to enjoy this machine and its new features. It’s going to be the power and innovative technology which separate this dozer from its competition. Ripping operations or pushing heavy material the PR 756 G8 is going to impress with its combination of power and economy.”

Scott continued, “Liebherr crawler dozers have proven themselves over and over to be extremely robust, reliable and efficient. They are extremely versatile with a broad range of options additional innovative features on this new Generation 8 dozer. They are designed and manufactured for a long operational life span so you can rest assured the construction and high-quality materials are going to stand up to the harsh Australian environments. The aid of Operator Assistance Systems will improve the quality of a less experienced operator and reduce the stress for professional operators, while ensuring greater safety onsite as the driver can keep his eye on the job at hand.”

A new 9” touch display is providing the operators access to all key parameters and individual settings for the drive and operating hydraulics and it’s the intuitive easy to navigate menu that brings all of the technology of this system to operators fingertips.

As we start to wrap this test drive up, it is worth noting that to ensure that tackling complex construction jobs get easier, Liebherr Generation 8 dozers are equipped with LiDat fleet management and configuration with the integrated 3D technology. The 3D data required for a new project can be imported and displayed directly via Sitelink.

These Generation 8 dozers are ready for the future construction projects with the Liebherr EVO Generation, high-torque engine with increased nominal power and compliance with emission regulations stage V/ Tier 4f along with highly automated, stepless drive and electronically controlled operating hydraulics with advanced machine interface and automated task movements. Making these dozers an excellent option for those companies looking to offer their clients the most modern features, efficiencies and reliability to push forward on large demanding projects.

For more information, please visit www.liebherr.com.au or call (02) 9852 1800.

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