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Liebherr PR 736 XL Dozer

Liebherr PR 736 XL Dozer

When thinking about the best way to sum up the latest and greatest 6th generation crawler dozer from Liebherr I couldn’t go past: brains, brawn and beauty. It ticks all the boxes an operator and business owner are looking for. It’s a rarity that you get such a perfect balance of essential and key features along with power and precision. However, Liebherr has managed to get the balance just right in one of the best-equipped crawler tractors we have put through its paces in recent times.

Hydrostatic Drive

Most machines these days have a tonne of power and technology, but it’s the way these two come together that makes the Liebherr PR 736 XL such a special machine. When it comes to heavy ripping work, material moving or even fine grading, the Liebherr PR 736 XL is equally matched to get the job done quickly and with efficiencies that will impress.

The Liebherr Hydrostatic Drive is responsible for this leading efficiency. The speed and torque are automatically adjusted through the drivetrain and engine to the tracks as the load changes to obtain optimum efficiency. The hydrostatic drive performs across the entire speed range, but it is when performing heavy tasks that this system comes into its own.

Simply put, coming across from other machines you will notice a reduction in fuel consumption that will save you over the long run. When taking the Liebherr PR 736 XL for a spin I didn’t notice the technologies coming into play. It just felt smooth and nimble with blade loads of power when I needed it. We pushed around plenty of material, put the pedal to the metal for some impressive groundspeed and finally ripped up a section of solid earth and we didn’t find any area that didn’t perform to the standard we were expecting, which to be honest was a lot. The machine looks so impressive that your expectations are pretty high right from the get-go.

Liebherr Diesel Engine

At the very heart of the Liebherr PR 736 XL sits the four-cylinder in-line engine, which is water-cooled and turbocharged with an air-to-air intercooler. Pumping out maximum power of 175kW/238hp combined with the latest engine and exhaust technology, the newest generation of Liebherr Diesel engine complies with Emission Stage IV/ Tier 4 final, along with Liebherr’s own SCR technology, the exhaust undergoes selective catalectic reduction through the injection of urea (DEF, AdBlue) removing the need for a diesel particulate filter. As a result, the engine operates in a temperature range of maximum efficiency, which in turn provides significantly improved fuel combustion and reduced output of exhaust gasses. The ecological footprint is smaller than ever.

The Liebherr Diesel engines have poweredconstruction machinery for decades in some of the harshest conditions around the globe. Their rugged construction and low nominal operating speed guarantee maximum reliability and long service life.

For the Operator

When it comes to operator comfort, Liebherr has considered three main areas that have been identified by operators around the globe: comfort, space and ergonomics.

A lot of thought and R&D has gone into getting the deluxe cab just right. Again, the word balance comes to mind; the instruments and operating controls are exactly where your hands want them to be. They have been carefully organised for a natural reach and comfortable use over long periods of time making this machine a clear favourite for operators.

Visibility and safety go hand in hand so the unobstructed view of work equipment and surrounding work areas gets a 10/10 and leaves the operator free to give 100 per cent of their focus on the work task at hand.

When I first climbed into the cab, the air-sprung seat instantly adjusted to the perfect level and also deactivated upon machine exit. But as I sat down and got ready to get stuck into some work the next thing I noticed as I pulled the door closed behind me was just how quiet the Liebherr PR 736 XL is. There is some very impressive sound insulation going on which keeps the noise of the engine to well below the legal limits. An additional benefit of the soundproofing is it goes both ways, so when you decide to fire up the sound system you can blast your favourite Metallica track as loud as you like whenever you like.

The 2-D or 3-D machine control is becoming increasingly indispensable to enhancing the productivity of the machine and operator, which improves all-round efficiencies to even higher levels. This machine is going to keep everyone happy from the worksite to the office.

Ease of Operation

The Liebherr PR 736 XL travel control has been designed to operate smoothly with precision handling from only one operating lever. The machine is nimble enough to be able to turn on the spot and the travel joystick is optional in either a proportional or a dented version, which allows control to be matched to the operator’s needs.

The crawler tractor operates with continuous power on both tracks, even when driving on slopes thanks to the self-locking nature of the hydrostatic drive system. It’s as easy as bringing the joystick back to the neutral position to bring the machine to a stop. A very handy automatically activated parking brake also provides additional safety.

Even a new operator will find this machine easy to operate after a day in the cab.

The new ergonomic-shaped joysticks can be adjusted back and forward. There is also the ability to individually set up the machine to your personal liking with the response of the travel drive (three speed ranges available) and displayed data on the touch screen is all programmable.

It’s All About Safety

Safety is the name of the game and the ROPS/FOPS protection means the operator will have the confidence of knowing they have unmatched protection. The huge windows provide excellent visibility around the machine, which in turn allows for higher productivity thanks to a higher seat position, wider doors and optimised engine covers. The operator always has an excellent view of the area they are working in.

Maintenance is a breeze with one step up onto the track with plenty of handrails available to ensure three solid points of contact. They are all on one side of the engine, which makes this process quick and easy. Another substantial bonus on the maintenance side is Liebherr’s long maintenance intervals. Perfectly matched lubricants allow for exceptionally long maintenance intervals, for example up to 2000 operating hours for the diesel engine and up to 8000 operating hours on the hydraulic oil side.

From an operator’s perspective, this machine is extremely well thought out and put together. It would be a dream to spend your working day in a machine of this standard. The balance of technology and ease of use was one of the major standouts for me because it allows the operator to focus on the task at hand and maintain optimum concentration over long periods of time. There were no distractions for me in the cab. It just felt right – everything was where I was naturally looking for it to be.

From the perspective of the business owner, the Liebherr crawler tractors make a substantial contribution to the successof a business. Time is money and thanks to their minimal maintenance requirements the machine is out making money with very minimal downtime for servicing.

This machine is going to keep everyone happy from the worksite to the office.

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