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Liebherr L550 XPower Wheel Loader

Liebherr’s L 550 XPower® Wheel Loader operates well in waste management.

PSI was founded in 1988 and since then has specialised in the sustainable disposal and recycling of construction and industrial waste. In 1999, the company bought the waste disposal site from Lannemezan, which became the Enviropôle site. In addition to the two sites in Lannemezan, the company also owns a landfill site in Tarbes and has two branch offices: one in Pau and the other in Toulouse. With a total of 50 employees, PSI processes around 70,000 tonnes of waste each year. In 2016, the company recorded 8.5 million euros in revenue.

Within a few years, the Enviropôle site in Lannemezan was extended, becoming a 16 hectare centre of excellence for environmental services. At this site, various kinds of construction and industrial waste are sorted, processed and stored, with wheel loaders involved in the entire handling process.

Recently, an L 550 XPower® wheel loader with a 7.5m3 high-dump bucket (a lightweight design for low material weight), which meets Stage IV / Tier 4f emission standards, has been in use at the Enviropôle site. The decision to purchase this L 550 XPower® was influenced by positive experiences with the Liebherr LH 22 M Litronic material handling machine, which is also compliant with Stage IV / Tier 4f emission standards, Liebherr’s proximity to customers and Liebherr’s excellent service. The L 550 XPower®’s sturdy industrial lift arm is particularly suitable for waste management because it enables the attachment of heavy work equipment, such as a high-dump bucket. In order to cope with the various steps involved in the company’s operation, such as sorting, loading and storage, a wheel loader must be versatile. Thanks to the XPower® wheel loader’s compact design, machine operators can manoeuvre efficiently and safely, whilst achieving superior handling performance.

The power-split Liebherr XPower® driveline has proved to be particularly robust and efficient. It combines a hydrostatic drive, which is ideal for short loading cycles, with a mechanical drive, the advantages of which are evident on longer routes. With an average fuel consumption of 9.2 litres of diesel per operating hour, the L 550 XPower® consumes up to 30 per cent less fuel than comparable wheel loaders from other manufacturers. PSI machine operators praise both the quiet and comfortable handling, as well as the agility of the L 550 XPower® wheel loader. Machine operators find the large, ergonomic cab particularly comfortable. The controls are also clear and user-friendly.

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