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Liebherr Crawler Dozers open up new horizons


The latest generation of crawler dozers from Liebherr are the perfect answer to the daily demands of the construction site.

From site development, to transporting bulk materials and heavy-duty ripping operations, the Generation 8 machines power through with outstanding grading and pushing performance and three levels of Operator Assistance Systems, enabling jobs to be completed both to the highest levels of precision and in the shortest possible time.

The dozers have been based on Liebherr’s tried-and-tested continuously variable drive and enhanced even further with state-of-the-art electronic control that includes ECO-Mode.

Inside, the advanced Liebherr driver’s cabin, with hydro-elastic bearing mounts, provides effective sound absorption and the lowest levels of noise.

The rigid connection through hinge pins to the base machine, for tilting the cabin, is decoupled for operation. And thanks to the low speed of the Liebherr diesel engine and the demand-controlled hydrostatic cooling fan, low noise emissions are guaranteed.

Using hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO) as a 100 per cent substitute for fossil diesel fuel,  IC engines operate almost fully in a climate-neutral mode.

At the same time, the use of HVO fuels also helps reduce other harmful pollutants. And because it can be used directly in the engines currently offered by Liebherr, this substitute fuel is a real alternative for operating construction machines of all sizes without any loss in performance.

Liebherr crawler dozers let drivers use their skills and capability to the full. They can be both goal-oriented and creative in their work and benefit from the latest digital dozer technology with each assignment.

The power of 3

The Operator Assistance Systems in the Generation 8 Crawler Dozers include three levels of driver support: Free Grade for active blade stabilisation during fine grading; Definition Grade for automatic blade positioning when creating simple 2D surfaces; and Auto Blade Lift, which automatically raises the blade when reversing.

Ready Kits can be ordered fitted ex-works, which enable retrofitting on site of a wide range of machine control systems from Trimble and Leica.

Liebherr Assistance functions are also brought to the driver by using smart Explainer videos, available in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish and Czech.

The driver can access the appropriate Explainer video directly from a smartphone using a QR code on the Liebherr Crawler Dozer display. This feature is available with software version 25.

In addition, the videos are integrated into the Liebherr MyAssistant App to ensure open access for broad public interest.

An information flyer, with a QR code, is included with the machine documentation. This initiative will assist crawler dozer operators to take full advantage of the Assistance Systems and make their work even more productive.

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