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Levelling up with LiuGong Australia

LiuGong Vice President Luo Guobing cuts the ribbon.

LiuGong is taking its Australian operations to the next level with the opening of its new headquarters in Melbourne’s west.

Last month, in a shower of balloons, confetti, and optimism, LiuGong Australia cut the ribbon on its new headquarters in Laverton North, Melbourne.

LiuGong Australia’s new headquarters will help the business support its local dealers and customers.

The grand opening ceremony was attended by LiuGong Vice President, Luo Guobing, as well as key LiuGong Australia customers and stakeholders. The company also took the opportunity to announce the launch of its new 856H-E MAX electric wheel loader, 9027F-E electric excavator, and Aerial Work Platform, during the celebrations.

From an economic, trade and investment perspective, the opening of LiuGong Australia aims to further strengthen cooperation between China and Australia in the earthmoving equipment industry, generating more business opportunities for both parties. The official launch of the LiuGong 856H-E MAX electric loader and 9027F-E electric excavator in the Australian market will also help promote the development of technology that is helping the construction industry and machine manufacturers achieve critical net-zero carbon targets.

Justin Pan, Chinese Chamber of Commerce (left), with LiuGong Vice President Luo Guobing and the new 9027F-E electric excavator.

In 2022, LiuGong’s 500,000th loader successfully rolled off the production line, making it the first company in the construction machinery industry in China to export electric loaders to overseas markets. In early 2023, LiuGong delivered its first electric units to high-end markets in the United States and United Kingdom.

As a key player in the development of industry standards for electric earthmoving machinery products in China, LiuGong has signed a 10-year strategic cooperation agreement with China’s leading battery enterprise, CATL, laying a solid foundation for the company to continue its electrification journey. Currently, the cumulative sales of LiuGong electric loaders ranks first in the global market.

According to Deng Tao, Chairman of LiuGong Australia, establishing a local headquarters not only reinforces the company’s collaborative approach with local dealers, but enables it to better service local customers.

Shannon Bethe, LiuGong Australia Director – Sales & Marketing Oceania, addresses the crowd.

“Due to Melbourne’s geographical location and commercial environment, we are strategically positioned to further increase LiuGong’s brand awareness in Australia,” Tao said.

“This sets a foundation for us to expand our footprint in the local market by investing heavily in product improvement and after-sales support, accelerating channel coverage, and supplying high-quality machinery that helps customers achieve their Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) goals.”

Tao added that LiuGong will continue to provide better products and services to local customers, while actively working with Australian companies and government departments to jointly promote the economic development between China and Australia.

LiuGong Vice President Luo Guobing says Australia is a very important market for the company.

Luo Guobing, LiuGong Vice President, said the opening of LiuGong Australia was part of the overseas business plan that has been in development at LiuGong since 2002.

“After 20 years, now we have the full capability to further develop our overseas business, especially in mature markets like here in Australia,” Luo said. “We have good products, a good service support system, and we also have good dealers here.”

He said the Australian market is considered very important for the company, and that the new LiuGong Australia headquarters would help valued customers get more out of their LiuGong products.

“We want to better understand Australian customers’ needs and, together with our dealers, offer products that fully meets the customer’s needs,” Luo said.

He said this will also involve providing a more comprehensive spare parts offering, stocking more machines, and launching more new products into the market.

“Our business philosophy is to make the customer successful first,” said Luo. “Then our partners can be successful, and then LiuGong can be successful.”

(L-R) Johnny InFerrera, MCD; Deng Tao; Digby Moulin, MCD; Luo Guobing; Cameron McIntosh, MCD; Shannon Bethe; Jason Lyall, CDA; and Dylan Stanley, CDA.

About LiuGong

Founded in 1958, LiuGong is a leading construction equipment manufacturer offering a full suite of heavy-duty, intuitive machines for construction equipment owners that are constantly challenged to do more with less. Headquartered in Liuzhou, China, LiuGong has 19 product lines and is recognised as the world’s top wheel loader manufacturer.

In 2002, LiuGong’s strategic global expansion led to the establishment of over 30 subsidiaries and offices, 20 manufacturing and R&D facilities globally, and more than 300 dealers in 170 countries.

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