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Leica iCON: The construction all-rounder

Leica iCON


EEM finds out how the Leica iCON product line offers versatile positioning and machine control solutions for construction applications of almost any kind.

The Leica iCON product line has emerged as a versatile toolset in the construction industry, adept at addressing a wide array of construction applications, from vertical building projects to complex civil engineering applications.

At its core, the Leica iCON build construction software exemplifies this versatility. Designed to streamline and enhance positioning tasks, it improves both speed and accuracy across various construction processes. This adaptability makes it an invaluable asset in projects that demand precision, such as erecting skyscrapers or developing complex infrastructure.

In the heavy construction world – such as road construction and civil engineering applications – the Leica iCON site software offers tailored positioning solutions. Its smart, customised approach aligns perfectly with the unique demands of large-scale earthmoving and civil engineering projects. The platform is adaptable to a range of construction equipment and environments, underscoring its versatility and utility in complex, large-scale projects. For example, the Leica iCON site excavator system demonstrates how this technology has been optimised for earthmoving tasks. Supporting compact excavators with swing boom, tiltrotator, and tilt bucket features, this system enhances the operational efficiency of earthmoving equipment.

Overall, the Leica iCON suite’s blend of speed, performance, and accuracy enhancement, coupled with its adaptable nature for various applications, from vertical construction to intricate civil projects, positions it as a highly valuable cornerstone technology in modern construction management and execution.

Broadening the scope

According to Bernie Edmonds, Segment Manager – Building Construction at C.R. Kennedy, it’s not uncommon to see Leica iCON customers come on board with the technology for one purpose, and then find it has a variety of uses elsewhere in their business.

“You see examples of it all the time,” he says. “All the Leica iCON products used on construction machinery is based on the same system designed for vertical construction. The base hardware’s similar, as is the fundamental mapping applications it’s used for.

“There’s a lot of crossover with the software as well. So, if your business knows how to use it in a vertical construction context, chances are you’ll pretty easily be able to translate that for use by a foreman on a civil infrastructure job.”

One example of a company which has broadened its use of Leica iCON technology, is Victorian-based building services and construction company Haddarco. The company initially invested in the Leica iCON system to set-out buildings, but the application has quickly grown in scope. Haddarco’s project teams are now using it for external elements, including landscaping and civil works as they continue to use it across other areas of building.

Haddarco first deployed Leica iCON technology on a challenging project in 2021. Image: HacKleR/shutterstock.com

Simplifying the complex

Haddarco has long endeavoured to think outside the box, having delivering construction projects for the commercial, education, community, medical, and aged care sectors since 1965. According to Director Mohammed Haddara, the recent increase in complexity of its projects’ architectural and engineering designs meant his team was relying heavily on surveyors to conduct set-out and positioning tasks.

This was true of a project Haddarco undertook in 2021, for the delivery of a complex building design for the Islamic College of Melbourne (ICOM) in Melbourne’s West. Mohammed said that while the project was a success, that success came at a cost.

“Surveying can be straightforward if it’s a square or rectangular building, but when the structure is curved or an odd shape, things get more challenging,” he says. “We had to get surveyors in for various elements of each project, costing us money and time having to wait for them to arrive.”

But when Haddarco won the second stage of the ICOM project in 2022, Mohammed turned to the Leica iCON surveying system, with immediate results.

Using the technology, Haddarco’s teams were able to take their own digital designs to the field and have complete control over how and when crucial elements of a project’s design are set out in the field.

“It saved us so much time and was extremely accurate – we input all the drawings into the system, our fabricator then made up his own 3D model, which was checked against the drawings and then confirmed.”

Haddarco’s project teams now use Leica iCON for set-out across all projects, saving precious days previously required for measuring and setting out grid lines. This also eliminates the chance for human errors that can occur in calculating grid lines, resulting in less re-work and material waste.

Haddarco is now using Leica iCON across its building and civil construction operations. Image: yuttana Contributor Studio/shutterstock.com

Mohammed has also been impressed by the support offered by C.R. Kennedy – both during the initial inquiry process, and ongoing.

“To be honest, the service was what truly got us over the line to purchase the Leica iCON,” he says. “C.R. Kennedy brought the system to our site for a demonstration and even allowed us to keep it for a few weeks as a trial. We started using it and loved it, so leased the unit for another month and received awesome technical advice along the way either immediately over the phone, or a C.R. Kennedy technician would come out the next morning and show us how to use it.

“There was support there before we even purchased the Leica iCON, and when we purchased the system, they supported us even more. After that, we were completely convinced  that investing in the Leica iCON from C.R. Kennedy was the right move.”

For more on how C.R. Kennedy can help boost the productivity of your construction project, visit: www.survey.crkennedy.com.au

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