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Leica iCON iGG3 3D solution for motor graders

The latest technology from Leica Geosystems is a major advance for motor graders in productivity, efficiency, and precision.

The Leica iCON iGG3 is an intelligent 3D grading solution that has been designed to revolutionise the way you move material and fine-grade. The solution brings design surfaces inside the cab to let operators work independently, with great accuracy, anywhere on a project design guided by a GNSS (global navigation satellite system) or a robotic total station.

The key benefit of the system is its ability to dramatically increase machine use and productivity and optimise material on any earthmoving and fine-grading contract. The system can be used with a wide range of sensors and combines ease of use, flexibility, and an intuitive user interface.

This flexible solution uses Leica MC1, the common software and 3D software platform, which reduces complexity in a fleet for all machines. This common software achieves better utilisation of all components across the fleet on a job site. The technology integrates Leica ConX which enables easy data transfer between office and machines, remote communication, fleet management, and earthmoving productivity analysis via the ConX website.

An intuitive user interface keeps things simple for operators.

Intuitive user interface

Being easy to use, MC1 software helps operators to move material more efficiently and focus on getting the job done right the first time. They can access all relevant functions directly on the run screen, and visualise progress with Modify Models – a function which allows for adjustments by tool point interaction while working. The tool’s edge movements are featured on a colour-customised live heatmap to see the tool edge history to target height distance.

Site managers can now synchronise all as-built data created with surface logging functionality to the ConX 3D page for progress tracking, reporting, volume calculations, and model creation.

As with all Leica 3D machine control software solutions, the iCON iGG3 is compatible with the MCP80 machine control panel. Combined with the intelligent Leica MDC docking station, this provides a one-for-all machine control hardware solution across a range of heavy construction applications.

The MCP80’s common interface also makes it easily interchangeable between any heavy construction machine, meaning operators only need to be trained on one display panel. An eight-inch colour touch screen and backlit buttons adds to ease-of-use in any conditions.

The system is fully scalable depending on customers’ needs.

Productivity benefits

Users of the Leica iCON iGG3 benefit from maximisation of machine use and return on investment from day one, by getting right to grade the first time and remembering all your settings, saving time by a setup that takes a few minutes. The system creates a reference surface with up to four slopes and its hold slope feature allows precise crown cuts and extending past breaklines when needed.

There is an automatic side shift control for motor graders with Leica’s unique Tri-Sonic or GNSS/TPS sensors. Other benefits include unique mast-tilt compensation which means there is no more re-benching of the motor grader blade between cut and fine-grading passes.

Scalable solution

The system is fully scalable, which means you can start from basic 2D entry to full 3D capability; and you can add laser, slope, sonic, GPS, and total station control options later. When you are ready, it’s a simple upgrade step to 3D by buying a 3D-ready panel and upgrade later or rent the GPS/Tracker and 3D software only when needed.

Brad Walker of Walker Grader Hire has used the system and agreed, saying: “Having worked with all GPS brands previous to Leica Geosystems, we have experienced significant efficiency gains by swapping to the Leica Geosystems iGG3 Grader system. The service and support from C.R. Kennedy make the whole experience easy. From the sale to the installation, training and support, our experience with C.R. Kennedy has been smooth and effortless.”

Leica Geosystems products are solely distributed in Australia through machine control and positioning specialists C.R. Kennedy. Based in Port Melbourne, C.R. Kennedy has a national network of more than 260 staff across branches in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, Hobart, Perth, and Cairns.

Purchase a full 3D MC1 system – GPS or Total Station Control – and receive a complimentary five-year warranty on all hardware and software (T&Cs apply). For more information, visit: www.survey.crkennedy.com.au


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