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Leica Icon Field software version 6.0

Leica Geosystems has introduced its latest software for the building construction industry, releasing its Leica iCON field software version 6.0 towards the end of last year, which has seen the introduction of a number of new features, providing enhanced functionality in catering to the different needs of industry.

Leica states that the Leica iCON field v6.0 software is designed to meet the needs of general and concrete contractors, the MEP and HVAC trades, and BIM/VDC departments, with it comprising “simple, trustworthy and easy to implement technology that enables the verification of built parts in a building construction project”.

“Leica iCON field v6.0 is packed full of improvements designed to meet the needs of and answer big challenges for the building construction industry by providing fast, precise, real-time verification of just-constructed parts in a building project,” Leica advises.

The Leica iCON field v6.0 software sports a refreshed user interface, designed to deliver a more modern look and feel, with the home menu having been rearranged to provide additional information for the active project and job, while a new colour scheme is employed in the different applications and menus, improving visibility.

In addition to this, the user interface groups connection to all cloud services under a new ‘Clouds’ option, while projects and jobs handling is enhanced via the introduction of 2D thumbnail view and user-defined sorting (with the view capable of being configured to list view or thumbnail view).

Among the new features introduced by Leica iCON field v6.0 are:

  • Map screen (Perspective View) – data visualisation has been enhanced with the introduction of Perspective View, offering better data realisation and improving the navigation on site, with operators able to zoom in and out, rotate, pan and adjust the perspective camera height from the enhanced map controls.
  • Grid and Scan data capture – quick grid and precise grid scan support is provided for Robotic Total Stations with a new quick data camera option for motorised sensors, with the Quick Grid function capturing reflectorless measurements quickly within an area, while Precise Grid Scan more accurately measures a defined grid.Using the MS60 MultiStation, scanning support is provided via rectangular scan definition and polygonal scan definition, with 1000, 2000, 4000 and 8000 pts scan speeds, three predefined resolutions for quick scans and user-defined resolution for full flexibility (along with Quick Grid and Precise Grid Scan support, the same as for all Robotic Total Stations).
  • Quick coding – Quick Codes, a new tool to quickly assign different codes to the measured points, can be activated from ‘View’ options in the map handler, with the screen splitting automatically to a 50:50 ratio once the tool has been enabled, showing the active code list on the left-hand side (this functionality is available in all measuring applications except the Draw/Sketching, Checks and Verification applications).

Leica iCON field v6.0’s verification features provide operators a number of options, with Leica Senior Product Engineer Shane O’Regan noting upon the software’s release that for customers “fast, accurate verification in building construction is a significant concern”.

“The new Leica iCON field v6.0 and Verification app allow contractors to extend their possibilities using multiple integrated sensors, allowing for easier, more complete and real-time verification on site,” O’Regan commented.

“Out of tolerance areas are immediately available for layout, for quick decision making and corrective measures to reduce unnecessary rework at later stages of the project.”

In Leica iCON field v6.0 the following verification use cases are provided:

  • Use case 1 (best fit plane, horizontal or vertical) – if no design data is available, operators can verify captured data against a best fit plane
  • Use case 2 (data to reference) – a BIM- related use case to compare the as-built construction with the digital design
  • Use case 3 (quick verify) – it is also possible to quickly verify real-time measurements against a reference with the new Verification application

As the sole and exclusive distributor for Leica Geosystems in Australia, C.R. Kennedy is focused on harnessing the innovative and industry-leading Leica iCON product portfolio to deliver tailored solutions for the earthmoving industry, supported by its comprehensive national after-sales network.

The iCON range encompasses a variety of different technologies, included integrated hardware and software solutions, which can be deployed across different aspects of earthmoving operations, designed to deliver greater efficiency and cost savings.

C.R. Kennedy’s head office is in Port Melbourne, with its national network encompassing major state offices in Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and Perth, along with a regional office in Cairns.

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