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EEM finds out how Shore Hire’s range of ground protection equipment can help minimise your construction project’s effects on the surrounding environment.

Construction projects often require the use of heavy machinery and equipment to complete a job, but this can have a significant impact on the environment. Due to the increasing awareness of environmental and ecological impact in the industry, companies are looking for solutions.

Several of these solutions are offered by Shore Hire, a pioneer in the Australian temporary works space. The business offers shoring, propping, and traffic management equipment and is committed to responsible and eco-friendly construction practices that create minimal environmental impact on job sites.

“As a hire business, reducing waste and unnecessary capital outlay is at the core of what we do, but being able to also offer a number of ground protection solutions in our fleet allows us to further reduce our client’s and our own environmental impact,” says Tyler Carroll, Shore Hire’s National Marketing Manager.

Tyres on a red Shore Hire rumble grid
Rumble Grids gently vibrate vehicles as they ride over them, shaking debris loose from the underbody of the vehicle. Image: Shore Hire

How Shore Hire can help

One of the simplest things that can be done to make a construction site more eco-friendly and reduce its environmental impact is using ground protection equipment.

Ground protection equipment is designed to prevent damage to the ground from heavy machines, equipment, and vehicles while creating a pathway that allows them to manoeuvre on difficult soils or surfaces, such as sand or mud. They can also prevent the adverse effects of heavy foot traffic from workers or the public while creating a more even surface to make sites safer and more secure.

Shore Hire has a range of ground protection equipment, including:

  • Steel Road Plates – Often used to cover uneven ground, driveway access or cross trenches, road plates are a very popular product for their range of sizes, economic viability, and great durability.
  • Maxi Tracks – Shore Hire’s Maxi Tracks are the world’s most heavy-duty but still man-handleable track system developed using high-tech Zetralene plastic and suitable for use with rubber-tracked or tyred vehicles.
  • Trak Mats – Trak Mats are one of Shore Hire’s specifically designed ground protection mats. They are lightweight and designed to be used by rubber-tyred or rubber-tracked vehicles up to 30 tonnes in weight.
  • Kerb Ramps – Shore Hire’s Steel Kerb Ramps are a tried and true system for protecting temporary kerbs and step-ups on a construction site. Kerb ramps allow for quick and easy access for pedestrians, mobility devices, and vehicles up kerbs while maintaining the integrity of the concrete.
  • Rumble Grids – Rumble Grids are designed to gently vibrate a vehicle as it rides over it, removing debris from the underbody of the vehicle and expanding the tread of the tyres to remove lodged dirt and debris, helping to reduce the environmental impact of a project and keep nearby roadways clean.
  • Pedestrian Ramps – This is an anti-slip access system designed to be used as a wheelchair ramp and a pedestrian kerb ramp. Designed for temporary roadworks access, Shore Hire’s pedestrian ramp is rated up to 350kg.

“Ground protection products can often fall down a project manager’s ever-growing priority list,” Tyler says.

“But since expanding our ground protection range in recent years, the demand for these products has increased tremendously as more and more clients look for ways to minimise the impact their projects have on the surrounding environment.”

The lightweight Trak Mats are designed for rubber-tyred or rubber-tracked vehicles up to 30 tonnes in weight. Image: Shore Hire

What are the benefits of using ground protection equipment?

The most recognisable benefit of using Shore Hire’s range of ground protection equipment is that they help to create less of an environmental impact on construction sites.

Many companies have never used this kind of equipment before and are unsure where it needs to be installed on their worksite to ensure it is as effective as possible in limiting environmental impact. Shore Hire has a specialist team of sales representatives who are available to visit customers on their sites and provide consultation about where these products need to be placed, working with customers from tender through to completion to ensure they have full peace of mind.

“While we do and always will offer world-class products, our true point of difference is the expertise and customer service of our team; it’s what keeps our customers coming back and why we have so many loyal and raving fans in the industry,” says Tyler.

Another key benefit to making sure construction sites are left in their original state is that it keeps residents and councils happy, especially in urban areas.

“When construction companies invest and take pride in being sustainable and eco-friendly, people in the local community notice, which can help to maintain a positive reputation for the company,” Tyler says. “And this can lead to increased business opportunities and public support in the future.”

How sustainability plays a role

Sustainability is a key consideration for the majority of modern construction applications, and Shore Hire’s customers are often looking for a sustainable solution as well as an environmentally friendly one.

“There are significant environmental benefits to hiring equipment rather than purchasing it outright,” Tyler explains. “Hiring equipment enables contractors to reduce waste, lower their carbon emissions, and better manage resources, so it’s a win-win for both the environment and the contractors when they choose to hire through companies like Shore Hire.”

For more information about Shore Hire’s range of ground protection equipment, visit or contact your local Shore Hire branch at 1300 764 734.


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