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Lanyonscapes: Packing a punch


Find out why Lanyonscapes trusts Volvo Construction Equipment as the backbone of its multi-faceted business.

Servicing Queensland and the Northern Territory, Lanyonscapes specialises in environmental restoration, landscaping, and revegetation services. The company handles a wide array of projects, from small tasks to multi-million dollar endeavours spanning several years.

Lanyonscapes has established itself as an expert in handling projects in remote locations, focusing on the unique challenges and requirements of such environments. These operations are supported by strategically located offices in Gladstone, Mackay, Townsville, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast, and Darwin.

“Lanyonscapes has been around since 1990, and owned by its current owner, Scott Verrall, for about the past 12 years,” says Ian Bennett, Lanyonscapes’ Workshop Asset Manager. “Since then, the primary focus of the business has been hydromulching and rehabilitation on roadworks and mine sites with our hydromulch trucks.”

Strong bonds

Ian has only been with Lanyonscapes for the past two years, but his experience with Volvo construction equipment goes back far longer.

“I’ve had an association with CJD Equipment and Volvo earthmoving equipment for more than 10 years now, well before my time with Lanyonscapes,” he says. “We’ve got a good working relationship with CJD here in our Mackay branch, and they do a good job – whether it’s spare parts or through their field-service team.

“The team there knows their stuff, they’re very helpful and knowledgeable. And we’ve built some good professional and personal relationships.”

This has led to Volvo being Layonscapes’ equipment manufacturer of choice, as reflected in its uniform fleet, which is the backbone of Lanyonscapes’ material recycling operations.

“We’ve got five Volvo excavators, including EC210Cs and EC220Ds, an A25D dump truck, and two loaders – an L90F and an L20,” Ian explains.

Someof the Lanyonscapes crew. Image: Prime Creative Media

“We use the excavators to feed green waste into our mulcher, and to feed waste concrete into our crusher and screening plants,” he says. “The loaders are used for loading of trucks for our landscape supplies, and the dump truck is used for general haulage around the site.”

“They’re versatile, user-friendly machines, and they’re very fuel efficient,” he says. “A bloke I know once said you can nearly cover the payments on a new Volvo with the fuel savings alone, compared to some other brands.

“They’ve been pretty much trouble-free for us. We really just have to do general service, and maybe a few routine repairs once they get up to around 8000-9000 hours.

“They’re also pretty easy to work on, with everything easily accessible.”

Efficient comfort

One of Lanyonscapes’ primary workhorses is a Volvo EC220D – a 24-tonne excavator designed to optimise fuel efficiency. This is aided by Volvo’s unique ECO mode, a new electro- hydraulic system, as well as a premium Volvo D6 diesel engine.

The EC220D’s design and features make it a versatile tool capable of handling a range of tasks from construction and demolition to waste management.

The EC220D’s operator-centric design emphasises comfort and convenience. The excavator boasts a larger cab that provides ample space, maximising visibility and reducing operator fatigue. This is complemented by easy access for maintenance, ensuring that the machine can be kept in top condition with  minimal downtime.

The ‘D-series’ cab is specifically designed with hydraulic dampening mounts to further enhance operator comfort, making it an ideal choice for long hours required in waste management and recycling applications – particularly in conditions like those under the North Queensland sun.

The extra mile

Ramon says it’s important to go the extra mile to foster stronger long-term relationships. Image: Prime Creative Media

According to Ramon Haslar, lead fitter and field service technician at CJD’s Mackay branch, the Volvo EC220D has been a great fit for the Lanyonscapes fleet.

“The EC220D is one of our smaller machines, but it packs a punch,” he says. “It’s very good on fuel and driver comfort, and its new cab and mirror setups offer more visibility for the operator than ever before.”
The EC220D’s cab also prioritises easy  access to all controls, which helps reduce fatigue for the operator, allowing them to work more productively.

“I believe we have a good network for parts and service, and having a branch out here in Mackay makes it a lot easier for Lanyonscapes to keep their operation running smoothly,” Ramon says.

But beyond simply providing the necessary support as required, Ramon says it’s important to go the extra mile to foster stronger long-term relationships.

“We’ve been dealing with Lanyonscapes for quite a long time now, we know their business well, and we know a lot of the team by their first names,” he says. “I think that goes a long way to strengthening our relationship, whether in parts, servicing, or sales.”

A larger cab provides ample space and maximises visibility. Image: Prime Creative Media






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