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Kubota’s New Workhorses


The SSV65and SSV76 will enter the construction, rental and agriculture segments.

Kubota Tractor Australia has launched the highly-anticipated all new SSV-Series skid steer loaders, with two models to meet the needs of customers in the construction, rental and agriculture segments.

The SSV-Series includes the 64 gross horsepower SSV65 and the 74 gross horsepower SSV75. Both will be available from dealerships starting July 2016. With this introduction, Kubota now offers a full line of compact construction equipment for its dealers and customers.


The SSV65 and SSV75 are Kubota-engineered from the ground up, inside and out. They deliver the same quality and performance that customers have come to expect in a Kubota.

Several innovative features on the Kubota SSV-Series set it apart from competitor models right out of the gate. For example, standard on all Kubota SSV models is a unique, slide-up, front-entry door that rises overhead, instead of swinging out. This design allows the door to be opened regardless of loader position so that the operator can enter and exit the machine even when the skid steer is in a tight or difficult position.

Other standard features include a spacious, dust-resistant pressurised cabin with an optimised climate control system, and a side light that allows better visibility and safer operation at night.

The multi-function lever comes as standard allowing for fingertip control of major machine and implement functions. The SSV65 and SSV75 also come with Kubota Shockless Ride (KSR) which helps minimise fatigue by smoothing out the ride.




The SSV-Series is powered by an EPA Tier 4 certified four-cylinder Kubota diesel engine.

With standard two-speed travel and optional high-flow hydraulics, Kubota’s vertical lift geometry skid steers will meet the needs of Kubota customers across the construction, rental and agriculture segments.

The SSV65 boasts a rated operating capacity of 885Kg and bucket breakout force of 2195Kg; the SSV75 has a rated operating capacity of 1220Kg and bucket breakout force of 2669Kg.

The loaders on the SSV-Series are easily capable of dumping into a dump truck with 3m sides.

The SSV65 and SSV75 feature hand-and-foot controls, and pilot control models are expected to join the line-up next year.


On a jobsite, contractors strive to minimise downtime, and the new SSV-Series helps to do just that.

Kubota engineered its skid steers to be easily serviced and maintained.

For example, the battery on the SSV models is positioned so that it is readily accessible for service and inspection; oil and fuel filters are placed in easy-to-access locations where drips will not leak on electrical components during changing; and bolt-on access handles were added to the cab so they can be easily replaced if damaged. In addition, the large fuel tank is located in the rear door for quick, clean and easy refuelling and has enough fuel capacity to work all day.

The new SSV-Series continues the trend of continual innovation by Kubota and the company’s effort to continually expand their compact construction equipment range. With the introduction of the SSV65 and SSV75 Kubota is set to hit the ground running in the highly competitive skid steer market.

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