DDT 2021

Kovaco brings electric skid steer loaders to the Australian market through Vicon international pty ltd

Already making waves in the European and North American Market, the world’s first electric skid-steer loaders are coming to Australia. KOVACO Electric introduces its two machines, the standard-sized Elise900, and remotely controlled MiniZ 400. Free of emissions and noise and significantly cheaper to run and maintain.

With KOVACO machines, the Elise900 and MiniZ 400, you can get your green credentials while also saving money and gaining unique new capabilities. The KOVACO machines are perfect for working in places with tight regulations, indoors or any location where not disturbing the peace with noise or emissions is paramount. This opens a whole new world of possibilities to these skid-loaders, especially as the small, remotely-controlled MiniZ 400 is able to operate in tight spaces where it would be impossible to use traditional heavy equipment.

In business, however, money usually comes first. The average running costs of all these machines came to $7.66 per hour. At the same time, the KOVACO Elise900, a comparable machine in every respect, costs only $1.66 per hour to run. That equates to $48 in savings per one eight-hour shift. Overall, our estimate means that you save $6,000 for every 1,000 hours of operation.

The batteries, which are the heaviest part of the vehicle, are mounted very low in the chassis, making for an extremely low center of gravity. This translates into extremely good off-road performance. They can safely go where conventional loaders can’t, remaining stable even with a side tilt of up to 47 degrees. This opens up a whole new set of uses which would be impossible with traditional machines. KOVACO machines can also be equipped with a wide range of attachments – 16 are available for Elise900, ranging from various buckets, hoes and dozer blades to specialty items like brushcutter, auger or forestry mulcher – which make them a truly universal piece of equipment.

• Only electric skid steer available with three separate electric motors, two for drive, one dedicated to hydraulics
• No set service schedule means no service downtime
• Eight+ hours of operation with extended battery
• Three hours to 80% charge
• Self-levelling bucket system as standard
• Class-leading chassis height 262mm
• Class-leading hinge pin height 3627mm
• Class-leading side tilt angle 47 degrees
• Micro speed of 0.1km/hr – great for controlled obstacle driving
• 0km/h to top speed 12km/hr in one second
• Remote control operation as standard
• 900kg to 1400kg lift capacity depending on battery
• Eco friendly

From the basics like LED working lights in all directions, there are some machines that are far from the ‘norm’ among work machines, such as Bluetooth connection for smartphones or a rear camera that the Elise900 features.

• Three separate electric motors, two for drive and one dedicated to hydraulics
• Fully remote controlled up to 50 metres
• Compact dimensions, only 79cm wide, can access standard doorways
• 2070mm hinge pin height
• Up to eight hours operation with only 5.3 hours to full charge
• 400kg load capacity
• Micro speed of 0.1km/hr – great for controlled obstacle driving
• Ability to work in confined spaces
• Eco friendly

One of the most impressive features, however, is the remote control. While this is the only way to operate the MiniZ 400, it is also available for the larger Elise900. This comes in especially handy when working in dangerous environments where having the driver inside the vehicle, would be an unacceptable risk.

For more information, contact Don Horton, Managing Director on ph: +61 408 233 337 or email don@vicon.com.au

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