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Komatsu’s Smallest Excavator

With an operating weight of 1.78 tonnes, Komatsu’s smallest excavator, the PC18MR-3 is designed to provide powerful performance in the most confined work spaces.

According to Carl Grundy, Komatsu’s National Sales Manager, Utility, the PC18MR-3 is ideal for plumbers, electricians, builders and other contractors who need to work in very restricted conditions.

“As our smallest excavator, it’s a tough and productive machine in a compact package. It’s perfect for tradies, owner-operators and builders who need a powerful little digging machine that can work around tight spaces,” he said.

“It features expandable undercarriage to get down narrow passageways to the work area, a tight tail swing of only 80mm over the tracks, and Komatsu’s exclusive closed centre load-sensing HydrauMind hydraulic system – which is used on excavators throughout its range – for precise operating control at all times.

“With the Hydrau Mind system, when two or more actuators are operated simultaneously, the pressure-compensated CLSS system ensures each actuator works according to  its control input, regardless of the size of the load – giving the operator precise control at all times.

“Its expandable undercarriage lets operators drive it down passageways as narrow as 990mm, then expand the track width out to 1280mm, to ensure good operating stability.

“And the whole package is small enough and light enough that you can tow it around in a small trailer,” he said.

The PC18MR-3 is available with a two-post ROPS canopy, along with a neutral engine start system, excellent visibility to enhance job site awareness and safety, a low emission Komatsu engine with dual element air cleaner, and single key operation for ignition and all machine locks.

“Despite being our smallest excavator, it’s designed and manufactured to the same high standards – including Komatsu-built components that work together as an integrated whole – as all our larger equipment,” said Grundy.

The PC18MR-3 offers performance and versatility in a small package; in addition to the HydrauMind hydraulic system it incorporates auxiliary hydraulics as standard, automatic load-sensing two-speed travel along with a number of features generally only found on bigger machines.

Grundy said these included a large operator station for easy entry and exit, a full-size operator’s seat, PPC low-effort joystick type controls, a large monitor panel, and low noise levels at the operator’s ear.

“Durability and reliability have also been built into the PC18MR-3,” he said. “It’s manufactured using a high-strength X-track frame, while castings are used for boom foot, tip, and swing yoke, and it has a single large-diameter swing pin, while all hydraulic fittings have O-ring face seals, and all electrical connectors are moisture- and dust-resistant.

“The PC18MR-3 has also been designed for easy and convenient service and maintenance,” he said.

“A wide opening engine hood and side covers, along with a forward-tilt operator’s station, give full access to the engine, hydraulics and other components, while the side-by-side radiator and oil cooler make them both easy to inspect and clean.

“And extended lubrication and engine oil replacement intervals reduce maintenance and downtime.” Customers purchasing the PC18MR-3 who sign up to Komatsu’s Qantas Business Rewards program will immediately earn 18,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer points when they buy the machine.

“As with all Komatsu machines, it’s standard with our KOMTRAX remote monitoring and location system, backed by our Australia-wide service and support network,” said Grundy. Brief specifications of the PC18MR-3 excavator include: Operating weight: 1780kg; engine: Komatsu 3D67E rated at 11.2kW; bucket capacity range: 0.044-0.4 cu m; maximum dig depth: 2160mm; arm breakout: 1010 kgf; bucket breakout: 1620 kgf; maximum hydraulic pressure: 230 bar; maximum flow: 42 lit/min.

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