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Komatsu releases iPhone app for KOMTRAX

July 3, 2014: Komatsu has combined its market-leading KOMTRAX remote machine monitoring system with the power of the latest smartphone technology, releasing a KOMTRAX app for Apple’s iOS iPhones.

Available free of charge through the Komatsu Australia website, the new app gives instant access to vital information on every KOMTRAX-equipped Komatsu machine in a user’s fleet.

“Our new KOMTRAX app gives Komatsu customers the ability to monitor critical machine operating parameters, along with usage, performance and location, as well as overall fleet management,” said Todd Connolly, Komatsu Australia’s Head of Fleet Management & ICT.

“By providing customers with valuable information regarding their Komatsu machines, it helps get a quick overview of what machines in their fleet have been up to – all via their iPhone.

Features of the KOMTRAX app include:

  • Identification of each machine’s location – including driving directions based on the phone’s location
  • Hours of use for all KOMTRAX-equipped machines
  • Identification of idle time (dependent on machine type/model)
  • Monitoring machine fuel consumption (dependent on machine type/model)
  • Overviews of any cautions triggered on machines, including when they occurred
  • Checking of any significant movements of machines
  • Identification of any machines that have lost communication
  • Identifying any machines that have not been used, through a “No Usage” feature.

“All these features can be customised so users can view set time periods, from one day up to a month,” said Connolly.

“In addition, a fleet can be filtered by model, customer management number or serial number.

“Komatsu’s KOMTRAX remote monitoring system was one of the first OEM-specific systems on the market, and has proven itself an invaluable tool in fleet and machine management,” he said.

“It has become an important contributor in driving down owning and operating costs of Komatsu equipment, letting us work with our customers to ensure machines are maintained and operated to achieve optimum performance, reliability and uptime.

“By combining KOMTRAX with the latest smartphone technology, customers are now able to monitor, check and manage their Komatsu equipment at any time of the day or night, from anywhere in the world,” Connolly said.

To download the free KOMTRAX App, please go to and visit the KOMTRAX section.

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