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Komatsu: 10,000th KOMTRAX-equipped machines


Komatsu’s remote monitoring KOMTRAX system reaches 10,000 machines.

Ten thousand Komatsu machines across Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia now beam information skyward in a constant exchange with satellites, control centres and customers.

In January this year, the number of Komatsu machines in the region equipped with the KOMTRAX remote monitoring system, operating across multiple industries ticked over from 9999 to reach the magic five-figure mark.

From its inception in late 2008, KOMTRAX has progressed from a leading-edge technology to become a vital part of machine ownership that Komatsu customers depend on.

The 10,000th KOMTRAX machine, a PC55MR-3 excavator, was delivered to Brian Johnstone of Civil Construction Hire. Johnstone’s company supplies equipment, advice and professional services to a number of construction projects throughout southern New South Wales.

In just four years Civil Construction Hire has gone from operating a single excavator to nearly 50.

“We’re just a small company trying to service a particular marketplace. We think we do a good job,” he said.

“We’re pretty proud we’ve got a fleet of Komatsu machines and that we have grabbed that 10,000th KOMTRAX-equipped unit. It’s terrific for us.

“We started in 2012 and in 2013 we got out first excavator and have built up now to our 47th today.




“KOMTRAX is essential for our equipment. It helps us keep track of where they are, first and foremost,” said Johnstone.

“KOMTRAX helps us gauge the hours worked and when machines are due for maintenance and service, and also helps our customers keep track of how many working hours they are getting out of the machine so they can measure their productivity accordingly.

“I access KOMTRAX through my mobile phone app and my office computer. Within a few seconds you can grab the individual unit you’re looking for and download a report,” he said.

The amount of time, inconvenience and cost avoided through KOMTRAX’s ability to provide early warning on potential issues or unsafe use, as well as alerting customers and Komatsu support technicians to upcoming service requirements is immeasurable.

In addition, a large proportion of Komatsu equipment that criminals have stolen from jobsites and private premises nationwide has been recovered at a strike rate of 72% – well above the 38% industry average for recovery of stolen equipment.

KOMTRAX specialist Mary Jo O’Donovan has worked closely with the KOMTRAX system since 2010, where she has watched it become a critical function in customers’ businesses.

“To think we just introduced our 10,000th machine is fantastic, not only for Komatsu but also our customers who are able to monitor their equipment at any time of the day.”

With 10,000 monitored machines now in the field, Komatsu looks forward to the next 10,000, and to continuing to refine the way in which it engages and assists customers, operators and industry.

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