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Kobelco mini excavator helps kick-start Bali concrete business

Kobelco machine

When Josh Bali started Bali Concrete, his first port of call to find new machinery was STM Trucks & Machinery (STM), where he discovered Kobelco.

From a young age, Josh Bali entered the workforce and worked several jobs until he finally found his calling. Starting out at a chemist, followed by a stint at tree lopping, he eventually found himself working at a metal fabrication factory. Finally, luck had it that one of Josh’s mates told him that his dad was looking for workers in his concreting business. He took him up on the offer and hasn’t looked back since.
“I spent about 4 to 5 years doing concreting work at this company and learning the trade, but I eventually got to a point where I realised I was working hard for someone else, when I could be doing it for myself,” Josh explained.
“So, just over a year ago I made the decision, then and there, to go out on my own and started Bali Concrete. I went out and got myself a truck, and then bought my first machine, a 1.7 tonne Kobelco excavator.”


When looking for the right fit for his new company, Josh couldn’t look past the SK17SR, taking a leap of faith on a brand that he hadn’t had any experience with.
“I pretty much compared a few different manufacturers, but the Kobelco just seemed to be the best machine on the market,” he said. “Coincidentally, the sales rep for our local Kobelco dealer, STM Trucks & Machinery (STM), lived down the street from me. I knew Christian would look after me, so I thought I’d take the chance.”
The risk paid off for Josh, realising the 1.7 tonne machine was the perfect fit for his new business.
“It was my first time using a Kobelco, and it’s been a success all round,” he said. “We do all types of residential concreting around New South Wales, a lot of driveway dig outs
The 1.7 tonne machine was the perfect fit for the new business.
Josh Bali with the Kobelco SK17SR Mini Excavator.
and that sort of thing. Being a smaller machine, it’s been great for granny flats because of the tight access, while still delivering plenty of power to get the job done. I can move about 50 to 60 tonnes worth of dirt in one day and get about a day and a half out of the 19-litre tank, while with other brands you’d be lucky to get a day.”

Kobelco machine digging


In Josh’s books, the best thing about this Kobelco mini excavator has to be the smooth operability.
“The hydraulics on this machine are just really smooth, I can sit in it all day and have no complaints. Compared to other brands where it’s really jolty and doesn’t deliver on power, it makes you appreciate the comfort of the Kobelco,” Josh said.
“I’ve put almost 300 hours on it and have had no issues. I’ve had my servicing with STM and they have been great, even the sales process was impressive. The sales team were willing to help with anything I needed, like on attachment recommendations, and they got back to me straight away. I always look for quality customer service when dealing
with companies, because a lot seem to forget about you once you buy, but I haven’t found that to be the case with STM.
“For anyone looking for a new mini excavator or is just starting out in the game, I’d recommend giving Kobelco a go, you won’t be disappointed.”

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