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Kobelco Excavators Up For Any Job, Big Or Small

Drainage and civil contracting company Dexcon Civil’s daily workload is tough and demanding, and they need a fleet that can handle the harsh conditions, which is why they choose Kobelco.

Kieran Donnelly, Director of Dexcon Civil, credits Kobelco machines for their fuel efficiency, reliability and ability to handle hard work in tough conditions.

“We’ve never had any reason to steer away from Kobelco machinery. We bought our first Kobelco excavator almost 10 years ago when we started the business and have been using them ever since,” he says.

Dexcon Civil is based in north-west Sydney and specialises in the installation of sewer and water main infrastructure for residential and industrial land developers in some of Sydney’s fastest growing areas. The business is owned and operated by Kieran, his brother Adrian and their father Mick.

They started using Kobelco machinery because of the competitive pricing but quickly realised there were other reasons to choose the brand.

“Kobelco excavators have a good reputation for performance and are quality machines, which is important when you are working for clients who expect their projects to be completed to a rigorous schedule. We can’t achieve that if we have equipment that underperforms or is unreliable, which is why we have stuck with Kobelco over the years,” Kieran says.

Dexcon Civil currently has a fleet of 10 Kobelco excavators ranging from the smaller SK17 up through the middle range including SK85s and SK135s then into the larger SK260s and SK350s.

“Kobelco offers a good range of machines, which works well for us as we take on a large variety of projects.

“We use our smaller SK17 and SK30 for maintenance work on water mains around the Sydney metro area and then we have our middle range machines like the SK135s that are equipped with offset booms, making it a perfect machine for trenching works along roadways or in areas where you have limited room. Our bigger machines are kept busy on deep excavation work for the installation of sewer pipelines that generally require a lot of rock breaking,” Kieran says.

Kieran also says that the quality of the machines is not the only reason the business sticks with Kobelco, noting that their Kobelco dealer, Sydney Trucks, and Machinery (STM), offers quick and reliable service.

“We have a great relationship with Adrian Martinello, Roy Papallo and Mark Johnson from STM. If we are ever in need of spare parts or onsite servicing the guys are straight onto it.”

Kieran adds the business is currently looking to add more Kobelco excavators to the fleet.

“We like to keep our key machines fairly fresh and we look at updating a machine each year. Kobelco excavators are a great all-around machine for a contracting business like ours so we will keep going back.”

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