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Knowledge is power: VisionLink®

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Enhance profit and productivity with new VisionLink®.

Whether your fleet is big or small, VisionLink® gives your business the insights to take decisive action. With an updated interface and industry-leading features, VisionLink gives you the edge in fuel and time efficiency, uptime, and machine health – meaning greater profitability across the board. Continue reading to find out from customers how VisionLink puts the power of knowledge in your hands.

Keeping customer needs central

Business is advancing rapidly, and Caterpillar customers are embracing technology more than ever – with growing expertise. They understand that to improve operation management they need insights informed by data. Experts in the industry are already extremely good at managing their logistics to improve profitability, but as the industry progresses, technology will be the key to success.

This is where VisionLink proves its value. It helps contractors view their fleet holistically, schedule maintenance and assign tasks. Caterpillar developed these processes with input from customers to optimise fleet efficiency.

The standout customer request was to make the interface easier to use. New VisionLink delivers in spades. It’s simpler and much more intuitive, helping you ensure work is done safely, on time and on budget.

Caterpillar understands the importance of accuracy when bidding for jobs. Overquoting can lose you a job, while underquoting causes financial strain. That’s why data accuracy is paramount with the new VisionLink.

Turn it up with VisionLink

VisionLink is an integrated full- and mixed-fleet management solution. It tracks assets and gives you the information you need to optimise uptime and utilisation. Plus, it integrates fully with Caterpillar’s digital ecosystem. The new interface enables you to manage your entire fleet efficiently. Whether you own, lease, or rent your machines, you’ll have access to the data and insights you need to make informed decisions.

VisionLink is cloud-based and accessible via desktop, tablet and mobile. That means metrics such as asset location, fuel level and idle time are available in real time. With a simple dashboard, you can manage assets by group and geofences. You can easily generate tailored reports to simplify activities and pinpoint underutilised machinery.

To simplify fleet management, VisionLink integrates, the Cat® app and past VisionLink applications in one. It also offers subscription options, so regardless of your fleet size or nature of your work, there’ll be a setup for you.

What customers have to say

“Before we used VisionLink, we were very manual driven. Now it’s immediate. We can look at problems almost in real time and attend to them immediately.

“WBHO is one of the biggest construction companies in Africa, with sites all across the continent. Before we used VisionLink we would have guys onsite who would inspect on a daily and weekly basis. But now it’s immediate. If there’s an alert, we can action it immediately. We can look at problems in real time and fix them.”

Zane Baily, WBHO Construction, Johannesburg, South Africa.

“Before VisionLink, our equipment management was very reactive. VisionLink has really improved our maintenance program, reduced planned downtime, and maximised efficiency.

“We’re using the VisionLink platform and data to help us achieve the absolute highest level of success that we can. Now we can instantly see the hours on each piece of equipment, when the last maintenance was done, and get when the next one is due.”

Anthony Guho, Guho Corp, Idaho, USA.

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