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Kemroc: Chain of command


Kemroc chain cutters are designed for maximum efficiency in tunnelling, mining, and trenching applications, and are available now in Australia.

Kemroc is a German engineering company that focuses on the development and manufacture of innovative excavator attachments.

Designed with a particular focus on strength and durability, Kemroc’s attachments are made with German-engineered components, ensuring a high level of quality and reliability in demanding construction environments such as Australia’s.

Efficient and precise

Kemroc’s EK range of chain cutters offers a suite of benefits for the modern construction landscape, and are engineered to excel in a variety of cutting applications with efficiency and precision. Designed for excavators ranging from 2 to 70 tons, they cater to a broad spectrum of machinery, enhancing their utility in diverse project setting.

These attachments are particularly adept at cutting stone, boasting a capacity to handle uniaxial compressive strength up to 120MPa, making them invaluable in challenging excavation tasks involving hard material.

A significant advantage of the Kemroc chain cutters is their ability to minimise the wear and tear on excavator swing gear. This not only prolongs the life of the equipment but also ensures consistent performance over time.

Offering a vibration-free experience, these attachments ensure smoother operations, which is crucial for precision work and enhances operator comfort – a major factor in the age of labour shortages.

The unique design of Kemroc chain cutters allows for the excavation of narrow trenches without unnecessary widening. Being able to execute with this level of precision has the potential to deliver substantial material and time savings, optimising the overall excavation process for contractors.

The excavation process is further streamlined by the attachment’s continuous chain, driven by cutter drums, which automatically removes material from the trench, reducing the need for additional clean-up.

Cutting-edge support

Kemroc attachments – including chain cutters – are available on Australia’s east coast from Coast 2 Coast Attachments (C2CA), and on the west coast through Monty Products Australia (MPA).

The two dealers are the exclusive distributors in their respective regions, and between the two, have a network of sub-dealers around the country to sell and service the products.

“Both companies have over 25 years’ experience in the mining and construction industries,” says Luke Preston, C2CA Managing Director. “So, we’re very well acquainted with the range of products we sell and support.”

Currently, both dealers stock the EK160 model of Kemroc chain cutter, which suits 35-50-tonne excavators, and are open to the possibility of adding the EK110 and EK150 models to the range, depending on market interest.

Luke adds that both MPA’s and C2CA’s product ranges position them to provide complete attachment solutions for customers.

“As well as the Kemroc product, MPA is also the official distributor in WA for Montabert rock breakers and drilling equipment,” he says. “And C2CA takes care of Rotar demolition and recycling attachments on the east coast.”

Notably, he adds, both C2CA and MPA are the official distributors for Oilquick Automatic Quick Coupler Systems on the east and west coasts respectively.

“This Oilquick Quick Coupler is a real difference maker, and one that is especially useful for Kemroc chain cutter customers,” he says.

“For example, by using the Oilquick Quick Coupler, operators gain the ability to quickly and easily change attachments from chain cutter to rockbreaker to bucket in a matter of seconds – all from the safety of the cab.”

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