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Keep Working And Keep Earning With Digger Lid

When the weather turns, do you find yourself unable to complete your excavation jobs? Do you hate the cold, wet & wind? EEM have found the perfect solution for you to ‘Keep Working and Keep Earning’ in comfort, all year round!

Each winter, Melbourne-based tradie brothers Joel & Luke, found themselves regularly delaying excavation jobs and stalling their income due to unfavourable weather.To combat this, the duo created a simple, yet foolproof way of continuing to complete jobs – The Digger Lid.

A Digger-Lid excavator cover offers a unique solution for wet weather excavation, and with its 650gsm PVC covers, shielding you from the elements. Your jobs no longer have to be weather dependant.

“We needed a way to keep our mini-digger working and earning all year round, regardless of the weather, and the Digger Lid allows just that,” said Co-founder Luke on what initiated the idea for the product.

“And it’s cheap! Your Digger Lid will pay itself off on your first minimum charge job, ensuring that every job after, which would have potentially been a washout, is money straight in your pocket!”

Another advantage of the Digger Lid is its durability, with no other similar product in the market. “Tradies need tough gear and with the thick ripstop PVC material and reinforced double stitching, the Digger Lid is definitely up for anything you can throw at it.”

And with its adjustable size design, that suits over 50 different makes & models of mini-excavator, Digger Lid’s continually growing range is sure to cover your needs.

To check out the full range of Digger Lid products, jump on the website at as well as following them on Instagram and Facebook for regular updates and exciting new releases.

The concept of the Digger Lid is simple – “we cover you when you need it most so you can #keepworkingkeepearning!”

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