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A fantastic ripper mounted multi-tyre roller delivers a new level of productivity with no daily maintenance.

Road maintenance contracts are won on the quality of your work and competitiveness of your pricing. Contractors and councils are increasingly seeking plant that can deliver on both product and price, and when you’re talking grader mounted rollers, Broons’ Graderoll Mono is leading the pack and available nationwide through your local CAT, John Deere or Komatsu dealer.

This revolutionary ripper mounted multi-tyre roller delivers a new level of productivity with no daily maintenance. Self-lubricating polymer bushes have eliminated the need for a dirty old grease gun, meaning the pivot points are always lubricated and your shirt is always clean.

Roll Control module is mounted in the cabin. For CAT M Series graders.

From the cab of your grader, a quick secure coupling system via the existing ripper pockets sees your grader up and rolling within minutes and requires no adjustment once the Graderoll is hitched to the ripper, totally eliminating the risk of injury to your hands or crushing fingers.

Inflation valves are conveniently located on each side of the roller for simple pressure adjustment, but if punctures are a common problem in your area, then no more worries, Broons offer solid fill tyres as insurance against costly downtime. Yet another special feature designed to maximise productivity and improve your bottomline.

Safely functional in both forward and reverse, the Graderoll can be raised and lowered on the run; little wonder the Graderoll is such a speedy way of maintenance grading your gravel road network.

New to Broons’ Graderoll is the convenient Tilt Attachment option. With the flick of a switch, integrated hydraulics retract the roller skyward enabling immediate use of the rippers. Flick the switch again and it’s back in position and ready to roll the road surface—as simple as that.

Built to Broons’ legendary high quality, the heavy duty chassis is more rigid than its predecessor while at the same time having a lighter tare weight for fuel efficiency. Sealed for life bearings, built-in tool box, optional rear tow point and lighting package along with top of the line UV resistant two-pack paintwork delivers a dependable workhorse backed by an industry topping 10-Year Structural Warranty. Best of all it’s designed and built in Australia.

For owners of all CAT M Series graders, Broons’ optional Roll Control system ensures 100 per cent compaction of the road surface. A sleek control panel is mounted in the cabin within easy reach of the operator. Once set, sophisticated microprocessor technology takes over by constantly adjusting the ripper to maintain a predetermined ground pressure. Despite undulations in the pavement, the integrated Roll Control system ensures the exact compaction pressure meaning less passes for the perfect finish.

OH&S is a vital feature of the Roll Control system. With any brake application by the operator the ripper pressure is immediately released for secure braking. After just a few seconds the Graderoll is lowered back to the original position to continue seamless operation.

For those who already have a roller, Broons’ fail safe Roll Control system is backwards compatible with any ripper mounted roller on a CAT M Series grader.

[colored_box color=” yellow”]Available for Caterpillar, John Deere and Komatsu graders. For more information call (08) 8268 1988, send an email at or visit[/colored_box]

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